Shiver Me Tinder: 3 Important Tips To Consider Before Swiping Right

Maybe a newer version of online dating will be the trick!

I still don’t have the swipe left, swipe right thing down for Tinder. But no need. Just a careful click of the “i“, a quick scroll through some pictures and maybe a minute to actually read the bits of bio provided, is sufficient enough to make me a threat.

Add in a gal pal who is fairly ruthless when it comes to “getting me out there” and I elevate quickly to a triple threat.

So I try to find the fun, the “woo-hoo!” when “It’s a Match!” comes flying up on the screen – basically meaning you both picked each other based on some pictures and tiny, useless information.

Are relationships really based on much more than 140 characters these days? I’m not sure. But this is my life now. Why not embrace it?


1. Engage a fresh perspective. I’m in Colorado right now and my friends’ niece and nephew are in on the action. They’re 11 and 9, respectively. And they’re totally into finding my Tinder matches.

2. Lower the bar. I stopped thinking about this as a means to actually find a partner or a soul mate. Now, I just think about it as giving out some much needed love every time I click the Tinder heart. So much less stressful and I don’t care if I never hear from the guy again.

3. Find the fun. Honestly, I’ve only tested out Tinder in San Francisco and Denver and most of the people who come up seem to be having a pretty good time, whether hanging out with friends and family, doing some sort of sporting activity, or hugging a dog. It’s fun to see people living life. And you never know…

This post was originally featured on Jody’s blog, Got Ennui?