Seduction After 40?

Whether you are a man or a woman, there are times in our lives where we feel less capable of pleasing others than before. We have lost our knack for it, our desire. By contrast the older we get, the more we know ourselves and grow in our capacity to reveal our powerful seductive power! That thing we have inside us that makes up our beauty and our charm – it is not always easy to identify. However, as soon as you know how to bring to the surface the traits that make you unique, revealing your seductive power is easy!

1. Impress – while remaining yourself

We’re not saying seduction isn’t tricky, no matter what age you are! To seduce is to liberate all your rough edges that let the other click with our personality.

In love, you cannot seduce the other in any kind of enduring way if you do not offer the other the essence of yourself. That is, if you do not liberate yourself and all that makes you unique, special, charming… You can read about this in more detail in my article on the basics of seduction.

We fail to succeed in seduction when we do not know ourselves, when we do not embrace certain traits we have and we present only certain aspects of ourselves, when we want to control the seductive process… The results? Instead of loving the other and letting them see who we really are, we show them one page – even if it is a perfect page –that doesn’t trigger any emotion in them. Falling in love is to be moved by a personality, because it brings out something authentic about a person.

The older we get, the more we tend to want to present ourselves in what we think is our best light. However, to release our inner seductive self, we should be doing the opposite!

2. What must I liberate for him to love me as I am?

Sure we all know more or less how to create attraction, but if we don’t find love, it’s because there’s something we don’t understand: we have to give the other footholds so that they can love us long term!

Put all your charm on show. It hides as well in your imperfections, your contradictions, in your doubts… so don’t lose time putting together a persona that is only 50% you when it’s the other 50% that make you special and touch the other in the deepest part of himself!

3. Seduction and Age Differences

Women between 18 and 30 years old have the upper hand because men feel less mature and less knowledgeable of ways to seduce than they do.

Women realize little by little that they are goddesses of seduction until 30/35 years of age. From 35 onwards, the first signs of the onset of the aging process appear and, along with them comes the impression that the woman cannot please in the same way she might have done before. Meanwhile, men are finally gaining their full seductive power as they grow in self confidence.

At around 45 or 50, women start to experience a renewal both in their confidence and in their seductive power because they are aware of their charm and have left their midlife crises behind them. They are also more at ease with their sex appeal and opening themselves to another without disguising themselves. They are no longer slaves to the beauty dictums because they understand, thanks to their experience, that seduction is above all a case of revealing your true self and not putting up a show. They therefore can play a deeper game of seduction.

Seduction, then, is all about the seductive being. This means being in a positive state of mind that shows us as nice and attractive. In sum, it is a message of well-being addressed to the world where you reveal all the things that make you unique!

Photo courtesy of blogspot.