Sacrificing Your Mommy-Only Retreat

Several years ago, I finally acquired the bathtub of my dreams. It had been a long time coming. I had to sacrifice square feet in the master bedroom but it was worth it because my tranquil spa-like, mommy-only retreat featuring an amazing tub was far more important. My dream was, of course, before I realized there would be no escape from my kids’ demands—not ever. I’ve been in my magnificent tub maybe a half dozen times. Probably less.

There is good news, though. The tub is now getting the attention it so deserves. Over this past year, my 4 year-old daughter has staked a claim. In the end, I gladly gifted it to her. Here’s why: I have an 18 year-old son and since teen boys are notorious for their scary-teenage-boy-stuff, I’m good with not sitting on the floor in the kids’ very small, shared bathroom each night during bath time.

My daughter and I made an honest effort to use the guest bathroom tub, too. No dice. For some reason and I still don’t know why, it was just too intimidating for her. I reasoned further that if we received an actual guest, it would be unavailable to us anyway. That left just one more option in our home. My dream tub. I carefully weighed the pros and cons. And caved.

Shortly after giving in, I discovered one awesome benefit for me that came along with the transfer of bathtub ownership. I can now enjoy a longer, almost uninterrupted shower. In our new bathing routine, we add bubble bath and a bazillion toys to a small amount of water. I then watch my daughter enjoy her bath from just a few feet away while I enjoy a now more satisfying shower. It’s a win-win. I do lose my mommy-only retreat but I gain time to actually wash my hair. At this point, I’ll take whatever I can get.

For those about to judge, please don’t. I’m not leaving my child unattended in the bath. I can clearly see my little darling just a few feet away as she revels in the pink bubbles and soaks up her time in the big girl tub. Now that is a real Calgon moment. It’s just not mine.

Have you had to sacrifice your own Calgon moments, too?