Rugrat Reads: Sky Color

I found another great book for the rugrats in our lives, or, as some people call them, 3-6 year olds. Sky Color by Peter H. Reynolds is my next new favorite that will be added to the old favorites. It’s a sweet, lively story about Marisol, who loves to draw and paint. She is creative and expresses her creativity through her art and through her clothes and through her belief that everyone is an artist. But when she is assigned to paint the sky for her class mural, she can’t find any blue paint and she has to figure out how to “do her part” without having what she thinks she needs. She doesn’t get upset or complain to the teacher, she wonders and she observes. In other words, Marisol problem solves. What she comes up with is a new way of seeing and a new way of expressing her experience of the world.
Felicity Huffman's What The Flicka - Sky Color
Here is why I love this book… my youngest daughter is an artist and sees the world very differently than other kids, which is a gift but can be lonely. With my parenting I really try to adhere to the adage,“Don’t prepare the road for your children, prepare your children for the road.” So with my daughter’s uniqueness came difficulties, and I wanted her to be the problem solver. Just like the book, if life doesn’t give you blue paint… what are you going to do? My daughter has made an art studio in our old tree house, and now her sister and friends love coming over to paint with her and listen to audio books and music, while they all do art.


Love, Flicka

PS. Here’s a great classroom guide with activities for your lil rugrats:

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