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We all have a story. Some of our stories glisten with love, optimism, and support. For others, the pages are worn and tattered, marred by despair, grief, and angst. No matter which path brought you to where you are today, there’s always hope. 

Like Zoe Brook in the new book Scandalize Me by USA TODAY BESTSELLING author Caitlin Crews (part of the Fifth Avenue trilogy from Harlequin Presents), you too can rise above your past and let your story empower you. Throughout the book we are given a glimpse into the tumultuous past Zoe has had to endure. While she has made an incredible name for herself as one of the best PR agents around, she has also had to live under the thumb of Jason Treffen, a cruel and vicious man. When her best friend commits suicide, she knows it’s time to break free.

If you’ve had difficult experiences or if something in your past has been particularly hard, here are some tips that you can use to transform a seemingly disempowering story into something vibrant and full of life:

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Seek Professional Help

In order to get past certain life issues and begin feeling empowered, at times it is necessary to initiate some sort of healing process. Quite often, that requires therapy or other professional help. No matter how stuck or helpless you feel, moving forward is always possible. Recognize when it’s time to seek professional therapy and reach out to someone who specializes in recovery, domestic abuse, or another type of assistance you need. Empowerment often means taking a step beyond self-help.

Build a Strong Support Network

Surrounding yourself with good people and creating a positive environment are important elements to have in your life. Your support network can lift you up when you’re down, give you the inspiration you need to achieve your goals, and stand by your side as you work towards rising above your past and empowering your future.

Break the Mold and Become the Authentic You

If you’ve been trapped in a controlling relationship or living to standards set by others, now is the time to break the mold and become the authentic you. Live the life you’ve always dreamed of and pursue what makes you happy. Please do so safely, especially if domestic abuse is involved.

Expand Your Mind

Before you can act in an empowered manner, you must be able to think in an empowered manner. Frequently this means expanding your horizons and learning new things beyond what you were taught in school or on the job. Opening your mind to new opportunities and possibilities requires practice, so make every experience a learning experience. Seek role models and mentors. Study, read, and interact with others who can teach you something new.

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Live a Healthy Lifestyle

Exercise, nutrition, and sleep are three major elements of physical health that have a direct connection to your emotional and mental well-being. If fast food is at the top of your food pyramid, it might be time for a change. Try getting a good night’s sleep by adjusting your schedule or investing in relaxation techniques. And exercise doesn’t have to be a huge time commitment. Just a half hour of brisk walking a few times a week can do wonders for the body—and soul!

Empower Others

Every interaction can completely change the course of someone else’s day. We can either wield that influence in a positive or negative way depending on whether we smile, nod, frown, and so on. Use your life experiences to empower others. Become part of their support network. You can help change their lives while your changing yours, too!

The first step in becoming the author of your own story is recognizing that it’s time to make a change. Only you can take that first step. Use the tips above and you’ll be well on your way to writing your very own happy-ever-after! Good luck!

Have you used your past experiences to empower yourself or others? In what ways?

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