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A Little Too Close

Last year, I did a lot of dating. This year, I’ve decided to get to the bottom of things – rather than date harder, I will date smarter. With my series “A Little Too Close”, I’ve decided to interview people from all areas of my life about dating, love, and why I might still be single. I wanted to interview Felicity Read More

The Hunt
Ellen Etten

Bridesmaid Moment

I have never been obsessed with getting married. Never looked at wedding magazines, never fantasized about it, I can’t even remotely tell you what my dress might look like – thinking turquoise green would be fun? So I felt nothing but pure excitement when my best friend’s boyfriend was Read More

The Hunt

For Every 987 Bad Dates….

…you have a really fantastic one. That date where you close down the bar, then sit in the car talking for another hour, then text each other when you get home. I’d almost forgotten it was possible. But recently, I had one of those.

It’s funny how intangible that “thing” is, Read More