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Life Happens, Then You Move Forward Again

My posts have been few and far between of late and writing this one nearly broke me. I had to walk away. I dug my heels into my fiction reading addiction and kept my nose buried there, refusing to think or write.

I’d been distracted and inattentive for weeks. I’d been remiss. I failed to share my wonderful margarita-filled Mothers Day. I failed to share my daughter’s first ballet recital and my first experience as a dance mom backstage. Worse, I failed to share my son’s one and only high school graduation. Amazing moments and milestones—all certainly worthy of being shared.

My daughter kicked me in the panties one night recently. Let me tell you, my 4 year-old sounded like a 40 year-old and she really let me have it. Immediately after her brief but effective daughter-to-mom lecture, she curled up on top of me, said a sleepy goodnight and quickly drifted off to sleep. And then I cried. She was right. I had let her down and Read More


A Bump In The road or The End Of A Marriage?

My husband and I have been having problems for some time. At first it was mostly just those little things that only your partner can drive you crazy with. You know what I’m talking about. Then the distance that was created, grew into real problems.

I never thought I would ever consider leaving my husband. He is an amazing father and when it comes down to it, a good husband. But we’ve also grown apart and seem to be going in opposite directions.

I’ll admit, some of my bitterness is because Read More


Custody Arrangements

I sighed sadly as I looked at the clock: 5:45pm, Friday night. My ex would be here any minute to pick up our son for the weekend. I’d get him back at some point on Sunday, exhausted, disheveled, and dressed in precisely what he was wearing now. Read More