My Husband’s Talent: Burping Curse Words

If my husband were in a talent competition, he would have a few things in his bag of tricks to choose from.  While riding the mechanical bull may not be his strongest skill, rope climbing, monkey bars, and nose whistling would all be in the running.  There is one skill, however, that he does better than anyone I know.  No one else I know is uncouth enough to do this with the gusto and frequency that he does. READ MORE

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  • Amanda Mushro

    What Should I Get My Wife For Mother’s Day?

    In preparation for Mother’s Day, I envision my husband lost in a sea of sappy, pink and white lace cards at Hallmark. He has to throw a few elbows in the direction of every other guy at the local florist for the last presentable bouquet o...

  • Lisa Witherspoon

    10 Reasons Tweens are Better than Toddlers

    My oldest daughter recently turned eleven and started middle school. Therefore, we are jumping headfirst into “tweendom” and I’ve been doing more than my fair share of looking back. Honestly, I have entered this phase of parenthood gu...

  • Marriage

    How To Survive A Visit From Your In Laws In Four Easy Steps

    My in laws have finally left and surprisingly, I survived. I pretty much avoided them and stayed out of their way as much as possible. Unless of course they took us out to eat. Because HELLO, FREE FOOD! Who the...Read More
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  • Mary Theresa Archbold and Pat Shay

    What You Never Knew You Wanted To Know About Thanksgiving

    Why do we have the day off for Thanksgiving? And what does it have to do with Mary holding a Lamb?...

  • What The Flicka

    WTF? Sibling Rivalry

    Sibling rivalry…most of us have experienced this, either as parents or as siblings! The question that Felicity Huffman asks for this week’s “WTF?” video is: how do you deal with sibling rivalry? Do you step in when y...

  • The Hunt
    Jody Madala

    Shiver Me Tinder: 3 Important Tips To Consider Before Swiping Right

    Maybe a newer version of online dating will be the trick!

    I still don’t have the swipe left, swipe right thing down for Tinder. But no need. Just a careful click of the “i“, a quick scroll through some pictures and maybe a minute to actually read the bits of bio provided, is sufficient enough to make me a threat. READ MORE

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  • Helen Mitternight

    Be A Better Writer To Be A Better Lover

    I am a writer, which means that as I sit before a blank page, I check my e-mail, hop on Facebook, and read about writing all as an elaborate warmup to the actual writing. Or, to be brutally honest, I goof off before word one hits the page....

  • Sherice Torres

    A Mom’s Bill of Rights

    We declare these things to be self-evident, that every mother, whether she works in the home or out of the home, has certain inalienable rights. That these rights be granted unto her the moment she becomes a mother, with no additional need ...

  • Sex

    7 Days Of Sex

    “You’re too focused on the kids,” our therapist announced. “You need to reconnect with one another.”

    She was right. Lately our marriage had felt more like a business partnership than a romantic relationship. I tried to remember when we’d had our last date. When we’d last done the deed. It had been weeks. READ MORE

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  • Felicity Huffman

    How To Tell If You’re An Asshole – Pt 1: Cell Phone Usage

    As I was writing this blog, I passed every asshole test with flying colors, which led me to the awful conclusion that; My name is Felicity and I am an asshole. My husband and I fight very rarely, but we do fight about the phone. The minute ...

  • Kelli Nelson

    The Drunk Kitchen

    Last fall, my parents bought and moved into their dream retirement home. They love it and we couldn’t be happier for them. But at times, my siblings and I confess to missing the old house. The loss for me is largely because that old house...

  • Marriage
    Lisa Witherspoon

    5 Reasons I’m A Cheap Valentine’s Date

    We all know that Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. The stores are already decorated with red and pink. Classroom lists are going home and, perhaps, you have been scouring Pinterest for adorable Valentines your kids can give their classmates. READ MORE

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  • What The Flicka

    Recipe: Tuscan-Style Flank Steak

    Want a new recipe for dinner or your next cookout? Try out this flavorful steak! ...

  • But That’s For Girls…

    It was an impromptu trip to the store that brought it to light. This wasn’t the first time I’d had to face this scenario or the feelings it brought to the surface, but I finally realized how exhausted I am by it all. My 3-year-old son s...

  • Marriage

    The Minimalist Guide To A Good Marriage

    My husband and I have been married for over 32 years…To each other.

    99% of ‘it’ has been good.

    75% of ‘it’ has been great.

    I see another 32 years together.

    He sees whatever I tell him to (and THAT folks is part of the magic). READ MORE

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    That DOES NOT Belong There!

    A baby boy tries to catch a frog....