Recall Alert: June Edition

It’s tough to keep up with all of the latest recalls, so we’re back this month with a few items we think are worth noting for parents (click here for last month’s recalls). Take a look and if you own one of these products, contact the manufacturer for a refund or click on the product link for more info.


Kolcraft Strollers: There have been 5 separate reports (3 children and 2 adults) of severed fingers after getting caught in the opening formed when locking and unlocking the hinge mechanism used to adjust the handlebars. I think I’ll pass on having my child’s fingers getting cut off, thank you very much.



Evenflo Convertible High ChairsEvenflo is recalling their Convertible High Chairs due to reports of the activity tray unexpectedly detaching and allowing an unrestrained child to fall out. Yes, we get it, your child should be restrained, but I mean just look at this high chair… activity tray or not, it doesn’t even appear safe! If you own this, return it asap.


West Marine Folding Deck ChairsIf you bought this folding deck chair and it collapsed, don’t worry, it’s not because you indulged in that extra slice of chocolate cake. The chair’s weight restrictions were incorrectly posted and it turns out the chair was meant to carry the weight of air. Sooo….



California Innovations Freezer Gel PacksThese gel packs were recalled after some unfortunate kid realized there was blue weird stuff all over their peanut butter and GEL-ly sandwich (we couldn’t resist the pun). But really, on a serious note, if ingested the gel can cause illness and that’s the last thing parents need to worry about.



Toys “R” Us Imaginarium Activity Center: Getting choked up from a cheesy romance comedy is one thing, but having your kid get choked up from choking on a small detachable wooden knob is a whole other story! A story no parent wants to be a part of. Get. Rid. Of. It.

Circulon 13-Peice Cookware set by Meyer CorporationCooking can be a mess. The last thing you need is the glass lid of your pan to crack, break, and shatter …ESPECIALLY when you’re cooking! Can you imagine that tender, juicy, chicken you’ve been grilling to perfection for dinner ruined because some company decided it was cute to make cheap lids? Don’t mess with a mother and her family dinner.


Aqua-Leisure Children’s Trampoline sold exclusively at Toys “R” UsThis “First Fitness” trampoline has had reports of the handlebar breaking off causing your child to fly in the air, be scarred for life, never wanting to work out again, making their “first fitness” their last, and ultimately suffering a lifetime of obesity. Ok, so that was exaggerated. But, if you own this, toss it and send the kids outside for a good old fashioned workout with a game of hide-n-seek.



Safety 1st Toilet and Cabinet LocksPretty much these cabinet locks don’t work. They’re said to unexpectedly disengage, granting your child access to the cookie jar and your husband access to your emergency cocktail stash. Not my cookies, and definitely not my alcohol!


Stoneberry Kitchen Table and Chair Set
Again, it’s the chair, NOT  you. These chairs can collapse during normal use. No one wants a giant bruise on their a**. Not fun.


We’ll be back next month with a new update on the latest recalls. Keeping each other in the know about these faulty products is important, so if you’ve experienced a dangerous device – recalled or not – share it with us so that we can inform our readers!