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Team Flicka just watched the movie Nine Lives – in which Kevin Spacey plays a busy dad with no time for his family – and we loved it. Long story short, Spacey learns some important lessons on fatherhood from the family cat, which got us wondering what kind of feline best embodies all the different parenting styles.


From the old-fashioned ‘stand back and turn ‘em loose’ parent to the ‘I have no idea what I’m doing but I’m trying my best’ parent (aka us), there are lots of ways to raise a kid. So we chose a cute cat for each type of parent, and turned them into a quiz! Take it to find out which cat best embodies your parenting style, then share it to find out which cat your friends and family get.



Once you find out which cat parent your Facebook friends most relate to, check out the movie to see Mr. Fuzzypants himself in action. Pre-order Nine Lives DVD and Blu-ray here 

It’s the question every single one of us has asked ourselves: are we more of a Thelma or a Louise?

In honor of the 25th anniversary of one of our favorite movies, take the quiz to find out! Afterward, treat yourself and own it on Blu-Ray today!

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