Quick & Easy Fish Tacos

I created my own fish tacos the same day @WhatTheFlicka asked for dinner pictures on Twitter. I was craving them and there aren’t any restaurants near me that serve them. So I just got my favorite ingredients together and made a healthier version of one of my favorite restaurant dishes. This is an easy dish to make as many or as little as needed, as well as altering it to your own tastes. I hope you enjoy my recipe.

Ingredients (serves 1 – adjust accordingly to serve your whole family!)
2 6in corn or flour tortilla shells
3 TBSP refried beans, or bean of choice
1 5oz tilapia, or fish of choice
Taco Seasoning

Sprinkle the tilapia with the taco seasoning. Grill on low to medium heat until flaky, about 5-7minutes. Layer the beans, fish, salsa, and avocado on the tortilla shells. Enjoy!!

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GUEST BLOGGER: Mandi Kinninger
Mandi Leigh Kinninger has a degree in Dietetics from the University of Dayton. She works in the nutrition department for Premier Health Partners, Corporate Services. She also works as a consultant for Thirty-One and Avon. Mandi enjoys baking and cake decorating, as well as fitness training and yoga.

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