Q&A with Kate Walsh

Private Practice star Kate Walsh had a brilliant idea for a new fragrance and she started her own company. Following Boyfriend’s success, she recently launched her second fragrance, called Billionaire Boyfriend and took some time to give What The Flicka? an exclusive interview.

Lauren: Kate, thank you so much for taking the time with us today. This is my first interview with What The Flicka? and I’m thrilled that it’s with you!

Kate: Yay! Me too. Thank YOU!

Lauren: Congratulations on the launch of your newest fragrance, Billionaire Boyfriend. Can you tell us how you came up with the idea for this line of fragrances?

Kate: Boyfriend was inspired by a break up. My boyfriend and I had broken up – this was years and years ago and I missed his fragrance, his scent. While I was shopping in New York, I went to Jeffrey’s to look for a men’s fragrance that would give me the same scent my boyfriend wore. That’s when a little bell went off – I don’t need my boyfriend to have a boyfriend scent! Boyfriend in a bottle, who doesn’t want that? Then I thought, eh, I’m not going to do anything with that, there are too many celebrity fragrances out there. I did try a men’s fragrance but it wasn’t really what I was looking for. After that, the idea wouldn’t leave me alone, I became a little obsessed with the memory of his scent on her skin – since I couldn’t find it, I decided to start my own company and create it. So Boyfriend is a woody scent with amber and vanilla, then a juicy plum and floral note at the top – the feminine and the masculine.

Lauren: Does your ex-boyfriend know that he inspired your idea for this fragrance?

Kate: Yeah, he does. He’s a big supporter. He’s the one who encouraged me to start my own company. It has been an incredible endeavor; really exciting and humbling. I’ve just loved it. One of the reasons I wanted to do that is so I could have my hands on every aspect of the brand including packaging, bottle design and of course, the fragrance.

Lauren: What inspired you to make Billionaire Boyfriend?

Kate: I really wanted to create a whole line of Boyfriends that each hit a different olfactive category. For Billionaire Boyfriend, it’s a straight up floral – we call it an oriental floral because it’s so exotic. It has the fruit at the top, which is sort of a Boyfriend signature too. It has bergamot, tangerine and green leaf. Then we get that exotic, gorgeous jasmine and black velvet orchid and gardenia. The dry down is a little signature Boyfriend as well, which is the sandalwood, amber and a little bit of vetiver in this case. It just smelled so … expensive! Like it should cost $1,000 an ounce in some tiny perfume shop in Paris. I love how decadent it is. But part of my brand’s vision is to have this be accessible … an accessible luxury and I wanted to give a big nod to fantasy, like finding buried treasured, and an homage to the jet-set, old times of Monte Carlo in the 60’s and the Amalfi Coast and the whole fantasy of it all. When I was a kid, I was always interested or drawn to dress up with the make up and the jewelry and playing make believe and pretend, hence I’m an actress. This is all a part of that. The fantasy of Billionaire Boyfriend.

As for the packaging, I wanted it to look a little vintage and I was inspired by venetian glass and a champagne bottle label, kind of in a wink, obviously, and to have fun with it. I mean it’s called Billionaire Boyfriend but let him spoil you – spoil yourself!

Lauren: Should we be expecting other Boyfriends to join this line eventually?

Kate: Oh absolutely! There will be a collection – we have another guy coming around for 2013 and he’ll have his own olfactive category, story and look. I’m really excited about the next one.

Lauren: Can you give us a hint on what we can expect for his name?

Kate: laughing I can’t! I can’t! But I can tell you that it’s uh … I don’t know … your mother may not approve.

Lauren: How do you decide which Boyfriend to wear each day? Does it depend on your mood or what you’re wearing or an event?

Kate: I think it’s all of the above – you know, the mood, event and what I’m wearing. Both of them are day to night but I’m currently obsessed with Billionaire because it’s newer and I love it for summer. It’s an all year fragrance but it’s very tropical and fun. Plus, I’ve been traveling all over this summer, so it sort of goes along with the whole story and fantasy I’ve created for myself and everyone else: Where would you go, if you could go anywhere in the world with your Billionaire Boyfriend? The pulse point, the body cream and the eau de parfum are airplane approved, so I take them everywhere with me. It’s been a blast.

I also love layering them both together or with other fragrances. Layering was very important to me while building this brand because I can’t stand when my products fight each other – like my shower gel is fighting my body cream and my antiperspirant. so I wanted all of these to layer beautifully within the ancillaries of the Boyfriend fragrances and with other products as well.

Lauren: We love your style, what are some of your summer fashion tips for women?

Kate: I have to be comfortable but elegant. I am simple. I love a simple dress and a pair of flats or I’ll wear a cute pair of cut offs with a t-shirt. I think the simpler the better. It’s all about easy, breezy and comfort for summer time.

Lauren: Moms can get so wrapped up in the day to day of being a mother, so for us, your Boyfriend line is a great way to treat and spoil ourselves. What are some other simple tips you have for busy women to indulge, feel good about themselves and have confidence?

Kate: I’m not a parent myself but I have children in my life for sure and I’ve got this business which I sometimes think is like having a couple of toddlers – my 2 boyfriends! But honestly, sleep, for me, is the most coveted thing and I think for parents, it’s one of the hardest things to get enough of.

Beyond sleep, if you’re not feeling rested but want to LOOK fresh, I love the Clarisonic Skin Brush – it’s the best thing you’ll ever invest in … and I swear, I don’t work for them! It exfoliates your skin, deep cleans your pores and gets your blood moving. Nothing makes you look more well rested and feel fresh… and your skin just glows. I use it everyday, it’s awesome.

I also like to take a nice bath at the end of the day – with a little oil to keep my skin super moisturized … simple little luxuries. Make appointments for yourself, spoil yourself. Light a candle, get in the tub and just chillax for a minute. We’re such a culture of do-ers and I think one of the best beauty tips it to not do anything. Just relax – sleep or rest.

Lauren: Great advice! Lastly, I have a section on WhatTheFlicka where I share a new Hump Day Cocktail every Wednesday. What is your favorite mid-week cocktail?

Kate: That’s a great question, I love it! Hmmm… you know? I’m not going to say no to a great glass of a nice, dry rose. It’s cool, refreshing AND I wouldn’t be afraid to drop a couple of ice cubes in the glass- no one is looking. It doesn’t have to be super expensive, you get it anywhere as long as it’s dry. It’s really refreshing and it looks pretty too.

Want to try your own Boyfriend or Billionaire Boyfriend? Find it at Sephora and stay tuned for a special What the Flicka? Billionaire Boyfriend Giveaway.