Peep Show: 4 Quick & Easy Easter Projects

I love the holidays – all of them! Any chance to decorate, do fun crafts, make yummy treats, and exchange gifts is fine by me. And with all of its fun, cheerful colors, Easter is probably one of my favorites.

As a single mom that works full time, however, I have extremely limited time and money to do all the crafty things I’d like. The good news is I’ve spent the past 12 years researching, experimenting, making mistakes, and coming up with a list of quick and easy projects that I’m happy to share with all fellow busy moms.

One of my favorite Easter treats is Peeps. I was never really a fan until I realized how many fun things you can do with them. After combing through Pinterest (for countless hours) and incorporating my own creative flair, I’ve pulled together 4 super easy projects you can do with these cute icons of Easter. The best part is you can usually find a very large assortment of them at your local grocery and drug stores, which makes last-minute planning a breeze.


This is probably the easiest of all. Simply place a colorful straw through the back of the neck of the chick and push through at a diagonal until the Peep is at the desired spot on the straw. You can do this with Peep bunnies as well. Serve with your favorite drink in a festive glass and a plate of delicious cookies.

Tip: Push the straw downward on the Peep (not UP), as there will be marshmallow residue left on the straw. Pushing down allows the residue to dissolve away once straw is in the drink.

Fun Fact: In 1953, it took 27 hours to create one Peeps Marshmallow Chick. Today, thanks to advances in technology, it takes only six minutes.


You might have seen this cake done with yellow chicks, so the end result looks like a sunflower. That is a great option, but you can apply this same concept to all colors of Peeps to make cheery Gerber Daisies! Simply make two 9” round cakes (any flavor), add frosting in between the layers and around the entire cake, and then place your Peeps around the edge of the cake, facing outward. Fill the remainder of the top of the cake with chocolate chips.

Tip: Did you know they make mini Peeps now? They’re a little hard to find, but you can make smaller versions of this pretty cake using the mini Peeps. Make several in multiple colors for an extra bright table.

Fun Fact: Peeps have been the #1 non-chocolate brand at Easter for over 20 years.



A fun twist on a classic and beloved campfire treat, these s’mores combine the traditional graham crackers and chocolate with an adorable Peep. Place 2 graham crackers, 2 mini Hershey’s chocolates (bunny shaped for Easter), and 1 bunny Peep, in a small cellophane bag (4”x6”), then tie with a colorful ribbon. Display bags in a basket at your Easter party. You can also add a tag with a holiday greeting and cooking instructions: Assemble s’more and microwave for 20 – 30 seconds. Let cool before eating.

Tip: Though they are most popular during Easter, Peeps makes shapes for all holidays! I’ve made these s’mores bags as a Halloween treat for my son’s classmates using ghost Peeps. They make Christmas Peeps in reindeer, trees, and gingerbread men too!

Fun Fact: Nearly 57 times more Peeps were produced than Apple sold iPhones in 2014.


This chick with eggs might just be too cute to eat! It’s as easy as it looks. Just make a batch of your favorite cake mix, frost the tops generously, and create a little ‘nest’ out of edible grass. Place the chick Peep on top, then surround with a few colorful jelly bean’eggs’. You can also ditch the edible grass if you’re in a big hurry. That part of the process takes a little more time.

Tip 1: I love the speckled Party Cake Peeps as shown here, but you can use any color and flavor. They make sour apple, orange cream, lemon, lime, watermelon, and even a surprise flavor option… and many more! Having a variety of colors and flavors will make your cupcake display extra yummy and festive.

Tip 2: When making cupcakes that will be served at a party or handed out, I ALWAYS use color-safe, foil-lined cupcake liners so the oils from the cake don’t seep through and the outside doesn’t brown in the oven. They cost extra, but it’s worth the spend. I’ve had great success with Wilton Color Cups and Reynolds Stay Brite liners.

Fun Fact: If you had 8,000 Peeps bunnies, and you stood them in a straight vertical line, you could reach the top of the Sears Tower in Chicago.

FINAL TIP: Though they are readily available during Easter, order ahead if you know you want to make any of these treats for other holidays. Since I’m pretty sure these have a long shelf-life, it’s not a bad idea to order the special editions earlier rather than later. Visit Peeps online to learn more and shop your favorites!