This Parody Twitter Of A Los Angeles Daycare Is Hilarious

We can’t stop laughing at the twitter account @LosFelizDaycare, which perfectly pokes fun at the trends in modern parenting. If you need a laugh, this is the twitter for you. Who knew daycare was so full of drama?! Move over Gossip Girl. 

Enjoy the funniest/best tweets below!


Toddlers and their damn irony.

Breastfeeding yoga? We’re interested.

Honestly, we’re shocked more celebs haven’t named their child “Sushi”. 

They’re way better for the environment.

Symposiums are vital to the development of children, obviously. 


Cold brew > hot coffee. 

Can’t. Breathe. Laughing. Too. Hard.

This is arguably the most important tweet. 

Of course.

*Throws mad side-eye.*

A moment of silence for the spider.

Coconut oil is a must in every situation.

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