Parents Share The 10 Things They Wish They Had Known Before Having A Baby

Parenting is hard, but so worth it.

This ad for Extra Space Storage focuses on all the things these parents wish they had known before having a baby. Watch them share 10 important tips for the expecting:

Their first piece of advice is to “do what works for you and don’t get on the internet,” which is probably a good rule of thumb for just about any situation.

They also couldn’t stress enough how important a schedule is. “Schedule is key to sleep,” and sleep is THE BEST. And pretty necessary, too.

Next, they remind new parents to make room for the baby. Emotionally, but also PHYSICALLY. That little thing will have lots of supplies and toys.

Next, they want to remind new parents that “all the poop and snot and screaming and crying and fighting” is totally worth it.

But the final tip is something that you can’t really understand or prepare for until you have a baby: the love. “Be prepared to love something more than you ever thought you could.”

Good luck out there, new parents!