Felicity Huffman's What The Flicka? - Try Again Mary Poppins
Expressing Motherhood

Try Again Mary Poppins

So, Mary Poppins has this thing with a spoonful of sugar, right? 

But has Mary Poppins ever had to wait 40 minutes with three children at CVS on a Friday night for a prescription? This would be a medicine the pediatrician told you that your child would not get better without, and that it would “not taste pleasant”….that you’d “certainly want to mix it with something” to make it go down a little easier.


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    Felicity Huffman's What The Flicka? - Hanging Up The iPhone, The Sequel
    Laura Diamond

    Hanging Up The iPhone, The Sequel

    Dear A,

    We need to talk.

    First, I am sorry. When I wrote about throwing away your iPhone, I did not intend to equate you with a 2-year-old tantrum thrower. No way. You are the farthest thing from it.

    I was trying to say that READ MORE

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    Laura Diamond

    Hanging Up The iPhone

    Knowing your gut and standing by it is the holy grail of parenthood.

    As a mom of two boys, twelve and eight, there are some circumstances where it’s easy to follow my gut: swimming lessons, completed homework, good manners. Other times I waver, caving to “please” for junk food (why must Gatorade be so red, Cheetos so orange?).

    Right now my gut tells me to bury my twelve-year-old son’s smartphone in a cement grave. But do I have the fortitude to do it? READ MORE

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    Spring Fling Cocktail

    Happy Hump Day, Flicksters! Spring has finally sprung where I live; how about in your neck of the woods? If not, you can close your eyes and pretend while you sip this Spring Fling Cocktail....

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    The Vultures Are Waiting

    My daughter convinced me to watch The Rachel Zoe Project on the cable network, and as I’m staring at these twenty-one-year-old, anorexic-looking models, I’m thinking two thoughts: 1)Someone should tie these girls down and force-...

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    Felicity Huffman's What The Flicka? - The Gift Of No
    Bryanne E. Salazar

    The Gift of “No”

    I’ll open this post by stating for everyone to read: I am not a perfect parent. I’ve been known to yell, fib, over-indulge and occasionally, turn a blind eye.  With all my mothering-flaws, I do believe I’ve figured out something crucial to parenting that often doesn’t happen: telling a child “no,” and meaning it. I know, sounds crazy, right? Let me explain.

    I didn’t come to this understanding by reading a book or attending a seminar. It’s not some new preachy parenting technique I’m trying to foist upon you, either. It’s a realization that occurred to me a few years ago that started with myself and bled over to my children. It started with me discovering READ MORE

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    Barbie In Real Life

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    November is Prematurity Awareness Month and Nov. 17th is World Prematurity Day where The March of Dimes joins with other parent groups and organizations around the world to raise awareness about premature birth and how it can be prevented. ...

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