Felicity Huffman's What The Flicka - Self-Motivation

How To Teach Your Kids To Self-Motivate

Self-motivation is the holy grail of parenting. When you have successfully cultivated your child’s inner drive, you can sit back knowing that you’ve given him or her the one thing they will need to thrive in our fast-changing society. You’ve...Read More
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  • Barbie In Real Life

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    Felicity Huffman's What The Flicka - I Have KIDS

    I’m Sorry, Ma’am. You Have KIDS.

    Sometimes, when I say that I have KIDS, the words come out of my mouth as if I am mentioning an acronym for an exotic chronic illness that I contracted on a hike through the Congo.  In truth, having children is a condition similar...Read More
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  • Stop Telling Me It All Goes By So Fast

    I was in a public parking lot, trying to get my starving, exhausted, tantrum-throwing kids into the car when a little old lady tottered up to me and said, “Enjoy it while they’re little! It goes by so fast!” I looked up at her as I wa...

  • 5 Ways To Keep Kids Occupied On Thanksgiving

    Do your kids love helping in the kitchen? The concept is great and all—bonding with your children by making delicious meals together in a magical kitchen that doesn’t get dirty, and no one’s arguing over who gets to stir the b...

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    20 Things I Never Said Before I Had Sons

    I remember when Quai was about four and I had to sit him down and explain that he had to start wearing underwear when he was playing outside because it was making the neighbors uncomfortable. And I remember the baffled...Read More
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  • Who The Flicka?: Elle Davis

    Who The Flicka? is an ongoing series where we spotlight our amazing contributors and make them answer our questions....

  • I Hate Babies

    I used to think that I wasn’t built for parenthood. Like Brad Pitt was accused of missing the “sensitivity chip”, for years I was convinced that I was born without the mommy gene. Now I realize that I just hate babies. Let me expla...

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    Aileen DePeter

    Are You Mom Enough?

    I have to chime in here with my opinion of the Time magazine cover.

    I am not going to comment on the article though, since I can’t access it online and because I have yet to see it on the newsstands.

    What I really want to discuss is not attachment parenting, which is what the Time article focuses on and which is only one way to raise a child.

    I don’t want to debate the breastfeeding vs. non-breastfeeding or the pros/cons of extended breastfeeding.

    I don’t even want to talk about the “shocking” cover image that was designed to be so and has clearly hit a nerve with a lot of people.

    What I want to focus on is the headline: “Are You Mom Enough?” READ MORE

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  • Surviving the Holidays with Your In-Laws

    When I was first married I was painfully naïve about how my relationship with my in-laws would be over the years. I thought that getting married would mean I had an additional family! I would have two mothers, and two fathers. I would have...

  • How To Raise A Disruptor

    I was thrilled to be asked to be a part of AOL’s “Acting Disruptive,” the brainchild of wunderkind Max Lugavere, who produces and hosts content about science, technology and disruptive thinking. We spent the day together h...

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    Felicity Huffman's What The Flicka - Mom! Watch This! Mom?
    Elle Davis

    Mom! MOM? Watch This! Mom!

    My 5 year-old is currently in a “MOM, Watch this!” stage. I give her as much of my attention as I can but if I so much as blink while she’s showing me something, I’ll be in big trouble.

    Mom? MOOOOM? Watch this! Watch this, mom!

    I’m watching! READ MORE

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  • Why Shyness is Considered A Negative Trait

    This is probably something you have only noticed if you have a reserved, shy, and/or introverted child. Or, if that’s how you define your own personality....

  • Breaking Up and Making Up with my Running Shoes: This Time It’s Serious

    My running shoes and I have had an on again/off again relationship for about fifteen years.  Our relationship has been complicated and filled with angst, heartbreak, and infidelity. While my shoes have been true blue, I have a cheating hea...

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    Felicity Huffman's You Me and Charlie - Overcoming Shyness
    Shimi Kang

    Dealing With Shyness

    Shyness is completely normal in children and most of the time, nothing at all to worry about.

    In fact, a new study conducted by the University of Colorado and the University of Connecticut examined shyness. They found that shy children know the answer to questions just as often as outgoing kids, but they are just not as eager to state the answer out loud.

    However, if shyness interferes with what a child wants to do — like play a game, or interferes with what the child needs to do — such as give a presentation at school, parents can help kids overcome it. READ MORE

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