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Beth Markley

A Little Rant on Santa

When our kids were still visiting Santa I tried to manage their requests.

Santa: “What can I bring for you this year, buddy?”

My cute kid: “Abba babba doodie,” or something. It’s hard to hear crouched behind Santa’s broad back – the best position from which to provide necessary coaching.

Me (sotto voce): “Matchbox cars and Star Wars Legos, Santa. MATCHBOX CARS, STAR WARS … and, and books, lots of BOOKS.”

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Jennifer Sando

Elves vs. The Elf-Nots

Each year, the first week of December drops a giant pile of guilt square in my lap.  My Facebook news feed fills up with all of my other parent friends posting pictures of all of the creative and often naughty things that their elf (or elves) have done the night before.

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Sorry Kiddo, Santa Ain’t Bringing That Toy This Year (Or Ever!)

It’s a tradition as old as Santa himself, kids making wish lists of what they desperately hope will be under the tree, and filling their stocking on Christmas morning.  The other side of this holiday tradition is the parents who are scrambling madly to make as many of those wishes come true as we possibly can–but then the kids throw a wrench in our plans and ask for that thing we know immediately that we are not going to even attempt to make come true! Read More

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Cissy White

This Present

I was worn down by the minutia of mothering. The days were consumed with relentless chores that keep the machine of a home life humming: changing the kitty litter, filling the gas tank, sweeping the floors, folding the towels and vacuuming the same carpet over and over. No amount of effort seemed to brighten the dullness of endless routine. Read More


While at our local children’s museum this morning, I took notice of the other moms around me and quickly realized that we all fit into one of the five categories of moms. Which one are you?

1. The Cell Phone Mom: the one who never gets off her cell phone and looks confused when she looks up and can’t find her children. What she doesn’t realize is that they are already downstairs painting inappropriate images of their body parts on their face and arm. Read More