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There are some milestones in childhood that mothers look forward to with great anticipation, and others we look forward to with a fair amount of dread. There are the usual suspects, sleeping through the night, able to feed themselves, first steps, first days of school. We usually mark these milestones with a little fanfare. Write it in the baby book! Take a photo! Share it with friends & family!

This post is not about any of those types of milestones. Read More

Julia Arnold

No More Epic Fails

Recently, I’ve heard mothers throwing around the term “epic fail” in regard to their parenting efforts. It is supposed to be a funny/sarcastic way to look at various minor disasters, but it’s the self-deprecating aspect of the phrase that I’m feeling some aversion to.

For instance, say a mom takes her kids out for lunch, and one of the kids drops food on the floor, while the other one cries, while the tired mom shovels in a couple mouthfuls of food before abandoning mission; she might refer to the outing as an Epic Fail. Read More


What I Learned From Parenting A Son

What I’ve learned by parenting a son

I grew up with a sister, no brothers. My father traveled a lot for work, so the majority of my childhood it was just us girls at home. There were definitely some perks of that that have helped me in my adulthood, I learned to be independent, not to wait on a man to do anything for me, and how to do things that were traditionally thought of as “men’s work” like chopping firewood, repairing leaky faucets, and even getting a car unstuck in a foot of snow. Read More

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Did you ever have one of those mornings, that despite your best intentions you screwed up and you are guilt-ridden the rest of the day? I recently had a day like that. It all started with a 90-minute school delay. I actually like a school delay on occasion; it gives both me and my kids a chance to catch up on some most-needed sleep – especially my little night owl. Last week brought an overwhelmingly large amount of homework for my 5th grader and she had been working diligently to finish it each night. Read More