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Terrible Teens

Closed Doors | Happy Mom

I have long been of the opinion that kids should be able to keep their rooms the way they want. Or maybe it’s just that I rarely feel like cleaning up their space, nor do I feel inclined to yell them into cleaning it themselves. There’s enough other stuff to yell about during a normal day. I tell the kids as long as they don’t keep dirty dishes or stray cats in their rooms, and there’s a clear escape path in case of fire, we’re good. Read More

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Terrible Teens

Mom, I’m Bored

Since we have put a limit on “screens” in my house (television/computer/video games/iPod), I am hearing the common child call, “Mom, I’m bored!” more often than ever before.  Because I am the one who set the screen limits, my children think it should be my job to help them fill the void.  I think boredom is great for kids.  It makes me happy that they are bored because boredom is the catalyst for creativity.  And although I don’t think it’s my duty to find something for them to do with their free time, I am happy to help them with ideas as they transition into creative kids.  I’ve started a list of things they could do that benefit me as well (if I have to help them, then they can help me).  So when my son or daughter come to me and proclaim boredom, I started a list for them. Read More

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Terrible Teens

My sixteen-year-old son has a girlfriend. She is sweet, and pretty, and when the two are together, they rarely come up for air. Oh, to be young and in lust. If you’ve read my previous post, Once Upon a Condom, or watched my video on talking to my children about sex, you’ll know that I am quite open when it comes to the subject of amore. Read More

Terrible Teens

Dear Kids,

Living in this house isn’t always easy. Just like being a teen isn’t easy. You see your friends who seemingly have no boundaries and all the baubles in the world and you wonder why. Why have you been placed in this house where there are horrid things like rules and limitations and boundaries? Read More

Terrible Teens

I know everyone makes mistakes. However, it seems that, since becoming a mother, my goof-ups occur more frequently. I’ve had a couple of doozies recently. For example, I recently ordered groceries online, but forgot to hit “SUBMIT” on my order. Another incident occurred when my hubby was in a rush to get to the airport to catch a flight, but couldn’t find his car keys. They were in my purse and I was across town. There may also have been a candle that was left burning for a few hours while we were away from home and possibly a blog post I scheduled but then forgot to publicize because I forgot I had scheduled it. Perhaps my blunders are simply amplified now Read More