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Danielle Tumminio

The Stroller Story

There’s a lot to worry about when you’re pregnant: Is your baby developing properly? Are you gaining a healthy amount of weight? Do you want to know the baby’s sex? What about names? And childcare? And a nursery?

Like many other women, when I found out that my husband and I were expecting, my head became the headquarters of Worry Central, but curiously, I wasn’t overly concerned about birth defects or college costs. I was singularly, obsessively focused on one thing: Read More


I’m delusional. Really, I am. Each day I wake up and try to convince myself that being almost 40 and pregnant isn’t so bad—that I can still rock it like a 20-something preggo mama. After all, I am married to someone 15 years my junior. I have street cred, right? Read More


Pregnancy Isn’t Pretty

Pregnant with my second child and determined to take control of something, I popped into Jiffy Lube for an oil change. My serviceman was a woman named Ali. She looked fabulous in a blue jump suit with a smudge of grease on her cheek. Read More