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I woke with what I thought was a nagging toothache. With my jaw clenched tight, I raced to the dentist to get my diagnosis. “Nope. No cavity. No infection. Are you, by any chance, stressed out about anything?” my dentist asked.

“Well, yes of course I am.” I managed to say after she helped me unhinge my jaw from its TMJ. “I am a modern American mother. This is our constant state of being, isn’t it?” Read More


No Such Thing As The Perfect Mom

When I was pregnant with the hummingbird back in 2008, I had never come across “attachment parenting, free-range parenting, or helicopter parenting”.

When my mom raised me, she was a tough but very loving parent. That’s all I knew and I admired and loved her for it. That’s what I wanted to be as a mom and I feel that I am that way now. Then I got into the world of blogging and my head swirled at all of these ways of parenting. To be honest, it made me feel like Read More


A Toddler Is Like A Dr. Seuss Book…

…. You wonder what they’ve been smoking and don’t always know what they’re talking about. Bada-bing!

Here are the top ten ways you know your little babe has transitioned into a toddler.

10. You get to hear Elmo’s Song over and over and over again. Sure, I could hear Welcome To The Jungle on a loop and not get tired of it but at least Axl Rose isn’t a furry, red monster. Oh wait…..

9. Getting your little one to brush their teeth has become a sport of sorts. You chase them around the house while holding their toothbrush like an Olympic torch. When you finally catch them, they scream bloody murder when you get the toothbrush near their mouth.

8. You love going to Target and can spend hours going through the aisles Read More


I Hate Babies

I used to think that I wasn’t built for parenthood. Like Brad Pitt was accused of missing the “sensitivity chip”, for years I was convinced that I was born without the mommy gene. Now I realize that I just hate babies.

Let me explain.

It’s not that babies are bad, per se. Apparently I just suck at dealing with them. I have Read More


Mom and Dad Calendars

Here is one more thing about traveling with toddlers, traveling without them. I realize some people never have to cross that bridge, but for those of us that do, here are some ideas, again gathered from The Sisterhood, for coping with the pain (read my pain) of having to leave them.

When our children were younger Bill and I traveled for work quite a bit, or really my husband did, and I would occasionally go visit him for 3 or 4 days. Usually, I would burst into tears the minute I got in the car and I’d arrive at the airport a soggy, snotty mess wondering what Read More