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Sabrina Lloyd


When my hubby extended himself by spending some time on Amazon.com and ordering us a book on attachment parenting, far into our pregnancy, I reacted as any swollen, hormonal, hemorrhoid toting, carpel tunnel syndromed, sleep deprived, way-too-old-to- be-pregnant wife would: Read More


Girl goes on exchange to a strange country, where she knows absolutely no one. She is excited, thrilled, and a little nervous about what she’ll encounter there. Girl sees boy on her very first day at university. Girl sits next to boy and introduces herself. Read More

Sabrina Lloyd

La Dolce Vita

Italians love their sweets. For breakfast it’s always, always dolce. You cannot find a plain croissant in Rome. Most are stuffed with jam or custard, and if you ask for a plain one it’s been glazed with sugar—because why would you eat it otherwise? And for treats throughout the day? Well, of course, more dolce. Read More


Whenever I try to do anything, I can always trust that my 4-year-old daughter will be there to ask tons of questions. Most of the questions seem unrelated to me, but I’m sure in her mind it all makes sense.

Her: Mommy? MOMMY??

Me: In here! Read More


The Preschool Puzzle

I’ve been going back and forth in my head about whether or not to send our two-year-old daughter, Cali, to preschool.

I’m not yet convinced it’s the right step for her at this point in time. As a trained teacher, I know that socialization is a key developmental stage for toddlers, but as a parent, I see my child on a daily basis and wonder if she’s ready for this big change. Read More

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First, let me say that I am always one to do something because my feelings compel me to, not because I am an expert or that my opinion is so important, and writing this article is no different. So bear with me, and know that I understand that this is only my perspective and that I’m aware of the Read More