Felicity Huffman's What The Flicka - 10 Ways To Annoy A New Mom

10 Ways To Annoy A New Mom

1. Call the baby by the wrong name. Guilty. I’ve done it. My mom friend handled it well, but talk about embarrassing....Read More
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    Felicity Huffman's What The Flicka - 4 reasons i refused to breastfeed in public
    Allison Goines

    4 Reasons I Refused To Breastfeed In Public

    As a nursing mother, I was uncomfortable breastfeeding in public. There. I said it. If you know my breastfeeding story, this might surprise you. But, it’s true.

    It’s been 6 years since I last nursed a child. That’s longer than my 5 year, 9 month non-stop breastfeeding stint. During my nursing years I breastfed through a miscarriage and two subsequent pregnancies. I tandem nursed two of my children. My oldest was four when he weaned. READ MORE

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  • Can We STOP Mom Judging?

    Confession: I’m a recovering mom-judger. I used to roll my eyes when one more exasperated first time mom would ask, “How do I get my two-month old to sleep through the night?” I would be hard pressed to hide my surprise if another mom...

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    Felicity Huffman's What The Flicka - Talk To Me in 30 Years
    Jennifer Lizza

    Talk To Me in 30 Years

    The other day a friend apologized to me on Facebook for running up to me at a swim meet asking me a question and running away to chase her two year old. She was worried I thought she had been rude.

    After reading what she wrote I immediately had to think…wait when did she ask me a question, what was it and did I actually answer her? You see I also have a two year old and I have decided that they are giant CB’s. (No, no get your mind out of the gutter) Two year olds are giant CONVERSATION BLOCKERS. READ MORE

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    Felicity Huffman's What The Flicka? - Can A New Baby Put A Relationship In Danger?
    Florence Escaravage

    Can A New Baby Put A Relationship In Danger?

    Having a baby is a wonderful thing, but we shouldn’t be shy about talking about some of the tensions it brings. Let’s have a look at some of the common mistakes we can make that can cause issues with a couple, and try to envisage a positive, realistic way to rearrange our lives around all of the big changes. READ MORE

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  • Date Night: Italian White Bean and Tuna Salad

    First, let me admit something. When I decided to call this a “Date Night” salad, I was being sarcastic. Kind of. You see, I have this rule about eating garlic and onions, especially raw garlic and onions. That rule is: only eat it with ...

  • Top 10 Things NEVER To Do at a Mother’s House

    10: Leave dishes in the sink - I already have 2 kids. If I wanted a third, I would be pregnant by now. Clean up your own shit. 9. Utter the words “You look tired” - We KNOW that we look tired....

  • Infant/ToddlersTerrible Teens
    Felicity Huffman's What The Flicka - Teenagers vs. Toddlers
    Beth Markley

    The Good, The Bad, & The Terribly Stinky: Toddlers vs. Teens

    I was at a meeting recently with a couple of other parents, making small talk about our kids.

    One woman had younger children. Preschool, maybe. Just emerging from mommy-and-me-gymnastics stage and entering into the “Let’s see what kind of activity keeps you most interested but doesn’t cost me an arm and a leg” phase.

    The guy in our group had teen girls, big into soccer. Travel leagues. Sometimes the family had concurrent games in towns on opposite ends of the state. The kinds of games college recruiters attend, so God forbid your kid misses one, or you miss watching your kid play one, in favor of watching the other kid at her game. READ MORE

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  • Furniture Polish and Dust Cleaner

    When it comes to making natural cleaners, I was skeptical at first but have been really happy with the results. I also feel better about using them and not exposing my 4-year-old to such harsh chemicals and (in her words) “stinky̶...

  • Jazz Parenting

    I read a fascinating article in the New York Times a few weeks ago. It compared the process of creativity in innovation to jazz music. While the most skilled jazz musicians are best known for their mind-blowing improvisation, they must trul...

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    Felicity Huffman's What The Flicka - RIE-SPECT: MAMA CAN YOU HEAR ME? PART I
    Erin K Moffat


    When I was in my early 20’s I was in a beauty pageant – or scholarship program, if you will. My platform was promoting self-esteem in today’s youth. When it was time for the Q&A portion of the pageant, they asked me a question that, at the time, I believed was irrelevant. “When do you think that a child should start listening to music?” READ MORE

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  • Maturing in Hollywood

    Today I stopped by my old neighborhood. And I mean the neighborhood I lived in when I was fresh off the boat or out of the cornfields....