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Alright, be honest, how many of you parents punish your children for bringing home bad grades? It seems like almost everyone I meet has a similar philosophy of applying consequences for bad grades, the same way one would give consequences for bad behavior. Often the first time a parent sees a poor grade on their child’s report card, Read More

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There’s something I like to call Back to School Brain, and these are the symptoms:

1. Anxiety: Why do teachers have so many back to school items on their lists?
2. Insomnia: There are so many items that now I can’t sleep because I have to run to seventeen stores to get them all.
3. Stress: The seventeen stores are all out of calculators, so I need to drive 20 miles to an eighteenth store to get it. Read More


The Preschool Puzzle

I’ve been going back and forth in my head about whether or not to send our two-year-old daughter, Cali, to preschool.

I’m not yet convinced it’s the right step for her at this point in time. As a trained teacher, I know that socialization is a key developmental stage for toddlers, but as a parent, I see my child on a daily basis and wonder if she’s ready for this big change. Read More

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Back to school used to be words I loved to hear. Now that my oldest two are off to eighth grade, my middle two are (gasp) fourth graders and my baby is already a first grader, I am Read More