Felicity Huffman's What The Flicka - Helicopter Parenting
Shimi Kang

What Does Over-Parenting Look Like?

How can it be that the most informed generation of parents in human history are raising children who have poorer problem solving skills than generations prior and higher incidences of anxiety, depression, obesity, diabetes and addiction?

When we hear such concerning facts about our world’s future decision makers, it’s natural to wonder what more could we be doing, what more can we as parents control for? READ MORE

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    Irish Coffee, Perfect Ponchos, And A Change of Life

    I’m going through a change of life. Not THE change of life, but I’m definitely in the throes of a major life change.

    With the last of our four children leaving for college next year, the obvious change is that we won’t need all this space any longer. The five-bedroom house is already too breezy, too quiet. But as I ready myself for the move to a smaller place, I’m feeling a definite shift happening within.

    I’m buying ponchos.

    And flowy tops.

    Drinking Irish coffee and checking out condos “in town.” READ MORE

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    “A rapper turned mom rants about the nonstop duties of parenthood to her largely impregnated diva friend.”  ...