This Smart Kid Learned Really Early How To Tease His Dog!

Dogs and babies always seem to have a uniquely special bond that adults can never quite replicate. This kid, however, seems pretty determined to make his dog hate him.  READ MORE

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Lady Antebellum on “The Best Of Me” and the Worst of Parenting

Book your babysitter now because “The Best Of Me” opens on Friday and it’s the perfect movie for date night – or a girls’ night out. Nicholas Sparks’ movies are always major events, especially for fans of love stories and...Read More
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  • What Women REALLY Think About At The Office

    Pie charts? Reports? Not quite. Our office thoughts are more along the lines of “did I feed the kids this morning” or “I’ll just read two more blog posts and then get back to work.”...

  • He’s Having Some Trouble. Okay, A Lot of Trouble.

    Sometimes straightening up the kitchen is hard work! This baby can’t seem to catch a break. ...

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    Felicity Huffman's What The Flicka - Advice From A Parenting Veteran
    Ashlen "the Kidspert" Sheaffer

    Dear Mommies And Daddies: Advice From A Parenting Veteran

    Dear Mommies and Daddies, Mommies and Daddies To Be, and Future Mommies and Daddies,

    After having three kids, I DO in fact have much knowledge to share with you. I have lived, learned, and still learning. I still struggle and have my highs and lows in parenting. I make mistakes that I hope will not screw up my child or more so that they’re too young to remember these mistakes. So, you want some insider secrets, please let me give them to you. READ MORE

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    Help! I’m Turning Into My Mother!

    This is my future. Look at it. Is it a photo of a purse with faux fur on it? Yes, yes it is.

    Is it adorable? Yes, but that’s not the point. And the blinged out phone cover? Also adorable, but also gaudy, no?

    The point is this: I’m turning into my mother.

    Don’t get my wrong, I tolerate love my mother, so turning into her is isn’t a bad thing.
    But so soon? So quickly?

    I figured I’d be at least late 50s before the resemblences started creeping in. Apparently not. READ MORE

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    Expressing Motherhood

    The Big Issue That Moms Should Be Talking About… But Aren’t

    I am passionate about car crashes. Did you know car crashes are the #1 cause of death to young people? That 40,000 kids are treated each year in emergency room for pedestrian-car accidents?...Read More
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  • Etsy Find – TwinSyndrome Empowering Panties

    If like me, after having a baby (or two or three) you may no longer be loving the under-the-belly look of your previously loved low cut styles—from jeans to underwear. And if you now prefer a higher cut brief, but still want to feel sexy ...

  • A Little Too Close

    Last year, I did a lot of dating. This year, I’ve decided to get to the bottom of things – rather than date harder, I will date smarter. With my series “A Little Too Close”, I’ve decided to interview people fro...

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    Felicity Huffman's What The Flicka - 22 Baby Halloween Costumes Even More Delicious Than Candy
    What The Flicka

    22 Baby Halloween Costumes Even More Delicious Than Candy

    If you’re a new parent this Halloween, here’s some good news: You simply cannot go wrong when picking a Halloween costume for your baby.

    Behold, 39 pieces of evidence that tiny humans will look insanely cute, whether they are dressed as pop culture icons, zoo animals or your favorite Disney characters. READ MORE

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  • Are You One of The People Who Uses This Saying?

    There is a saying that I have heard many times over my teaching career; I am sad to admit, I used to say it....

  • Top 5 Mommy Confessions

    1. I joined a gym just for the free daycare. I drop the kids off and read magazines and blogs in the locker room. 2. My kids hardly bathe in the summer. The pool totally counts. 3. I put my kids to bed in their clothes so I don’t need...