Felicity Huffman's What The Flicka - Mandatory 10 Step New Parent Training Course
Julia Arnold

Mandatory 10 Step New Parent Training Course

This Just In: A Mandatory 10 Step Training Course has been implemented for all soon-to-be parents. If you skillfully and successfully endure the various challenges involved, while being tethered to a lifelike, hungry doll that cries often, you will be prepared for bringing home a newborn. If you fail, good luck to you. READ MORE

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    The Ultimate Cold Weather Soup

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    The Lesson I Learned in High School That Has Changed The Way I See Things

    I was a nervous wreck my junior year of high school—nightmares about college admissions and SAT scores haunted me; I couldn’t seem to get a grasp on physics and I completely ignored social concepts like dating because they were far,...Read More
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  • Brown Sugar Blackhead Scrub

    Here’s a great scrub to help eliminate those pesky blackheads. Baking soda helps rid the skin of bacteria and removes dead skin cells. Brown sugar helps to exfoliate skin and unclog pores. Because of the molasses in brown sugar, you a...

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    How To Write A Wedding Toast For A Couple You Don’t Like And A Wedding You Don’t Support

    We’ve all seen it happen: A train wreck of a marriage, headed down a one-way track to Miseryville, with a small layover at Domestic Violence, USA.

    Whether it’s family, friends, or the librarian we’ve befriended in an effort to reverse erroneous late fees, most of us have witnessed the marriage of two people who should probably just honor the restraining orders and keep their distance. READ MORE

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