Breastfeeding Without Breaking The Bank

It almost goes without saying here that you get what you pay for, and buying a breast pump is no exception to the rule. Quality is everything when it comes to a breast pump. READ MORE

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  • 5 Things Parents Secretly Do

    If you say you’ve never done any of these, you’re lying....

  • Lessons

    The Breast VS Bottle Debate

    There has been some recent talk about breast vs. bottle when it comes to feeding our babies. Here’s my two cents, for what it’s worth. READ MORE

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    What The Flicka presents: Summer Book Club. Join us each week as we read through the Fifth Avenue Trilogy from Harlequin! As the summer comes to an end, don’t let the heat leave you just yet! Expose Me, by USA TODAY bestselling author Kat...

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    Toddlers are Terrifying and We Have This “Thriller” Parody To Prove It

    Nothing says Halloween like an amazing “Thriller” parody video! Are you a mombie? Chances are, if you’ve ever had a toddler, you are! It’s ok, there may not be a cure for you yet but at least you have this video to cheer you up.  READ MORE

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  • I Thought I Was One of Them

    I grew up a mixed breed among Mexican immigrants in California, and for the first ten years of my life, I thought I was one of them. My mother, a practitioner of free-love, told me and our family, that my biological father was a Mexican man...

  • Caine’s Arcade

    This will definitely put a smile on your face. ...

  • Terrible Teens
    Felicity Huffman's What The Flicka - 6 Reasons You Shouldn't Kill Your 12 Year Old
    Eve (I Ate Your Damn) Apple

    6 Reasons You Shouldn’t Kill Your 12 Year Old

    When I was seventeen and pregnant, I had a well-meaning aunt suggest that maybe I should give my baby up for adoption.

    “Babies are hard,” she said. “Babies cry all the time. Babies need to eat. Every day. You can never leave them. Babies! BABIES! Don’t have babies!!!”

    Yeah like I’m going to be scared of something that’s not even two feet tall. READ MORE

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  • Don’t Drink & Online Date

    I swear, I’m usually very responsible when it comes to drinking and online dating. I know my limit and when to stay off-line. At the very least, I have some water and wait 45 minutes before opening my laptop. But the other night I slipped...

  • 4th Trimester Bodies Project

    Take a look at this video for an amazing project called 4th Trimester Bodies. Ashlee Wells Jackson is the brains behind the operation—she’s a mom and a photographer who wants to give people an honest look at women’s bodies pos...

  • Mommytube

    Felicity Huffman Interviews Selena Gomez

    Felicity Huffman sits down with Rudderless costar Selena Gomez to talk nervous habits, fears, love, family, and admirable qualities in women. READ MORE

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    Jill Robbins

    Are You Their Grandmother?

    It happened. I always knew this day would come. Someone asked me this question:

    “Are you their grandmother?”

    I always imagined my reaction would go something like this:

    “Bitch, let me slap you,”

    …or at least a really evil look. This was surprisingly a non-event. READ MORE

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  • Have You Found Yourself Doing This?

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  • Because Moms Are Only Human

    When I was really young, I remember throwing some of the worst tantrums. Looking back, I have no idea how my mom kept her cool like she did. There’s obviously no doubt that my daughter means the world to me and as I slowly crawl out of th...