Helen Mitternight

What The Hell Happened To You?

My bed is next to my closet and the doors of the closet are all mirrors. So, nearly every morning, I wake up and the first thing I see is my own reflection. And let me tell you, it’s a sobering way to start the day.

Now, to be sure, there are some days that I see my reflection and my eyes are all full of sleep and haze and I think, “Damn. Look how cute I am!”

But most days, I see my cheeks sagging pillow-ward, my breasts sliding precipitously into the mattress, and my stomach (when I’ve kicked off the covers) looking like dough that’s risen past the confines of the pan. And I think, “Damn! What the hell happened to you?” READ MORE

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  • The Uprising…

    The toys are trying to kill me. I’m pretty sure I’ve discovered the source of all the mysterious bruises that keep appearing on my legs. Also, I may have a broken toe. I was sitting alone on my couch this evening, minding my own busines...

  • Mommytube

    Let’s Give Dads Some Credit

    Last Mother’s Day, this video went viral. A fake job posting was created for a position with 24/7 hours, no vacation time, limited breaks, a demanding boss, etc. Candidates (yes, people applied for it) were involved in video interviews and at the end of the interview it was revealed that this “toughest job” was that of a mom.


    Tears were shed, people said they missed their mom, loved their mom, were going to call their mom, etc.

    This video irritated me. READ MORE

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  • My Reality Television Addictions

    "Storage Wars." Have you seen this reality show? I would see ads for it on television and I remember telling my hubby Are you freaking kidding me? It’s official. There is a reality show for anything and everything. I had made fun of it...

  • TerraPass

    In my newsletter this month I sang the praises of Ed Begley Jr.’s book, Living Like Ed. But I confess I saved from his book this little golden nugget for a separate blog because it is just so cool it deserves to stand alone – the TerraP...

  • Complaints
    Felicity Huffman's What The Flicka - The Most Honest Kids' Birthday Invitation You'll Ever See

    The Most Honest Kids’ Birthday Invitation You’ll Ever See

    If you’ve ever had a major party, or a wedding, or an epic Memorial Day barbecue, then chances are you sent out invitations. And if you sent out invitations, then ask yourself this: why didn’t you invite me?

    Oh no, wait, that’s not the question I was going to have you ask yourself (although it IS a valid one).

    The question you should ask yourself is, “Did anyone RSVP?”

    More and more, it seems like the RSVP is ignored. I’m not sure if people get busy and forget, or if RSVP considered a mere suggestion, or if people ignore it because they think it’s just an antiquated leftover from the quaint days of yesteryear (sort of like how we still open letters with “Dear So-and-So,” even if we hate So-and-So’s guts and don’t consider them “dear” even in the slightest). Whatever the case, fewer and fewer people are bothering to répondez, s’il vous plaît these days. READ MORE

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  • Tired of Photoshopped Celebrities And Unrealistic Beauty Standards? She Is Too.

    There’s nothing quite like a song that makes a statement....

  • Terrible Teens

    An Open Letter To My Son

    As hard as it is for me to believe this, I’m the mother of a teenager. In fact Tom will be entering 10th grade this September. The years have gone so fast that I really feel as if one day...Read More
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  • Flicka Faves: Children’s Books

    As I wrote last week, I love reading to my children. Every night we climb into our big bed and my husband and I read out loud. It’s a wonderful way to end the day, calm them down, and all of us to be together. The kids are hanging on ever...

  • Diamonds and Water: An Economic Analysis of Motherhood

    The best part of my day is… … when I manage to find a few moments to myself, in a quiet and empty house. I sit in my favorite chair and read a good book, with a cup of coffee flavored with a yummy creamer. It is calming, rejuvenating, n...

  • Education
    Felicity Huffman's What The Flicka - Helicopter Parenting
    Shimi Kang

    What Does Over-Parenting Look Like?

    How can it be that the most informed generation of parents in human history are raising children who have poorer problem solving skills than generations prior and higher incidences of anxiety, depression, obesity, diabetes and addiction?

    When we hear such concerning facts about our world’s future decision makers, it’s natural to wonder what more could we be doing, what more can we as parents control for? READ MORE

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    You know how people say they have 2 left feet? Well I have 2 left hands…I am just THAT awkward when it comes to decorating cakes. Though it shouldn’t have, this cake took me a few tries and as many tantrums to get it just right. How...

  • Kids’ Fashion: Hijo Hija by Cubannie Links

    Children’s clothing these days are way more fashionable than they were back in my day. Take Rachel Zoe’s son for example, he’s not even a year old and his closet far supersedes that of the wardrobe in my own. Kid’s...