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Can I love fashion and makeup and still be a feminist? This question has plagued me my entire life.

Can makeup and fashion be a tool for self-expression and not a means to hide or conform to society?

When I was 19 I was in Australia visiting our high school exchange student and my best friend, Maree. We went to an all day picnic one Saturday with some other exchange students who had gathered in Sydney. At one point we were all sitting on a blanket, enjoying the day, when one of the guys turned to me and said, Read More


An Open Letter to Abby Lee Miller of Dance Moms

Dear Abby Lee Miller,

Your show, Dance Moms has been on for three years now. We’ve been watching your dancers grow up before our very eyes. It’s very clear to the rest of us how talented, kind and beautiful they are. Many of us wonder why you can’t see it for yourself. It seems you will never be happy until you have broken them, with the obvious exception of your favorite one. Read More

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