Jedi Babies Make Star Wars So Much Better

Forget space! The real battle is in the kitchen and it’s for… the last cupcake. We all know this fight well. READ MORE

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  • Favorite Things: Crock-Pot

    We couldn’t do a Flicka “Favorite Things” series without including our main squeeze, Mr. Crock-Pot. We rely on this life-saver almost everyday. Here’s why:...

  • Reframing Beauty

    What does the word beauty mean to you? If you were asked, “What is beauty?” what would your answer be? Would you give an example of a beautiful woman, or would you delve into it a bit more, presenting what you really felt beauty was?...

  • Lessons

    A Military Child’s Life

    She’s getting older now. My daughter. When he comes home from work, she hears the door unlocking and she stops what she is doing to watch him walk through. Then she runs to him, and with a joy that only a toddler can have, she hugs his legs and lifts her arms to be picked up by him. He says, “Can Papa have loves?” and pressing her lips together, she sticks them out while going “mmmmmmm”. I can hear his heart melt when she does this. The love and the joy that they both feel in that moment, it’s so tangible I can almost touch it. READ MORE

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  • Things That Would Be Weird If Anybody Other Than Your Mom Said Them

    Though, that’s not to say that they’re not still a little weird when your mom says them. But that’s okay! She’s just looking out for you. And without her, who would we go to for advice or take on a spontaneous trip t...

  • #AskFelicity

    I’m really excited to announce a new video series that we’re starting here at What The Flicka called #AskFelicity. You all submitted your questions to me last month, and I answered!...

  • Infant/Toddlers
    What The Flicka

    Advice For New Moms

    We asked our amazing Facebook followers for the best advice they could give to a new mom. As usual, they delivered! Here are some of their best answers. READ MORE

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  • Soap Making 101: Tales From a Soap Making Virgin

    While I’ve been making skin care products like lip balms and body butter for a while, soap making has been one thing I haven’t had the courage to tackle. To be honest I’ve been terrified because it’s out of my comfor...

  • Easy Oatmeal Bites For Picky Eaters

    My 2 1/2 year old, the little hummingbird, is a really picky eater and I’m a really bad cook. Actually, it’s more due to the fact that I don’t like to cook and if I do then there’s a lot of cursing and my husband pro...

  • Education

    The Hallows of Homework Hell

    When I think back to homework during my childhood. I normally remember how much it seemed I had. I remember that more than talking back and forth between a parent and me. I was doing my homework. They were doing...Read More
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  • Adorable Irish Two Year Old Lectures Her Mom For Laughing While She’s Trying To Perform

    If a little girl chewing her mom out for laughing while she’s trying to sing a song from “Frozen” isn’t enough for you, just wait until you hear her adorable accent. Make sure you hit “cc” to turn on the ...

  • DIY

    A Gooey Holiday Activity: Christmas Slime!

    The kids here LOVE to play with anything sticky, gooey, and a tad messy. Add some smells to it and it’s all the more fun. So, we made Christmas slime…....Read More
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  • My Father’s Daughter

    I sit in my white Reem Acra duchess satin gown in a room on the second floor of The Metropolitan Club in New York with everyone I know just downstairs waiting for me, the bride....

  • What REALLY Happens When Girlfriends Share Big News

    We wish we could say we’ve never seen this happen before....

  • Mommytube

    This “All About That Bass” Parody Will Make Every Mom Crack Up

    YouTube group Laughing Moms by Alisha Found Eden created a hilarious spoof of Meghan Trainor’s “All About That Bass.” As busy moms who just don’t have time to keep their house clean (because really, who does?) they came up with “I Just Can’t Clean This Place.”  This is basically the ultimate parent anthem. READ MORE

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  • Well, That’s One Way To Enjoy A Fortune Cookie

    We get really excited about the fortunes inside fortune cookies too, but probably for a different reason....

  • How Mama Got Her Groove Back: 7 Tips To Get In The Bedroom

    Recovering post-delivery is tough for us moms. It takes time to jump back in to that place called “The Bedroom,” ready for action. After all, your body has become an out of control milk-producing machine, you have 10 (or more) extra pou...