Felicity Huffman's What The Flicka - How To: Host A Luau

How To: Host A Luau

Keep your summer going and celebrate the luau’s Hawaiian heritage with these detailed tips to planning and throwing the ultimate summer backyard party!...Read More
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    Toddler Bathing Tips

    Questions about bathing toddlers? Looking for some tips and info to make bathtime less painful? We’ve got you covered....

  • Ashley McAtee

    10 Spring Cleaning Hacks (How to Trick People Into Thinking You’re A Clean Person)

    1. Talk a lot about spring cleaning at work. When people ask you what you’re doing over the weekend, instead of saying that you plan to order Dominos and watch 80′s movies on Netflix, say “Oh you, know, time for spring cle...

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    Have You Ever Seen A Baby Perform CPR? No, Really!

    We spy a future doctor! READ MORE

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  • Karen

    From Eewww to Boo

    This is my second Halloween blogging. And although I’m having fun playing with new recipes again this year, the truth is that there are many great recipes from years past that I’m making too. Each of my kids have their favorites and the...

  • Elle Davis

    Banging My Head Against A Spike Would Be More Fun

    My husband has been in the military for several years so we’ve moved many times. With our most recent move, it proved even more challenging with our, then, 1 year-old daughter while moving from the east coast to the west coast. (My husban...

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    Felicity Huffman's What The Flicka - 8 Signs Your House Needs Cleaning

    8 Signs You Need to Clean Your House

    I recently fired our cleaning service. I know, I’m impressed with myself too. Who knew I would ever have a cleaning service?...Read More
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    How To Have The Sex Talk With Your Kids

    Navigating the birds and the bees with ease! Here are 10 great tips for talking with your kids about sex, from a certified former kid!...

  • Beka Shane Denter

    Etsy Find – TwinSyndrome Empowering Panties

    If like me, after having a baby (or two or three) you may no longer be loving the under-the-belly look of your previously loved low cut styles—from jeans to underwear. And if you now prefer a higher cut brief, but still want to feel sexy ...

  • Mommytube

    What Working At Home Really Looks Like

    It’s back to school season, and for some parents that work outside the home, that might mean the added stress of hectic mornings and more special dates, items, and school projects to remember. For some parents that stay home with their children, that might mean the bittersweetness of saying goodbye to lazy mornings and jammies ’til noon. For parents that work at home like I do, back to school might mean the dance of joy, and a salute to the Gods of efficiency. READ MORE

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    Jennifer Lizza

    10 Things That Will Change After You Have Kids

    Kids change everything.  No, really. They change everything.  There are many things they change for the better. So before you get all bent out of shape and say I don’t appreciate my beautiful children read this: A Letter to My Boys and then maybe this: No One Ever Said It Would Be Easy. See I do. I love every ounce of my two boys but let’s be honest they change things and there are some things that will never quite be the same. READ MORE

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  • Felicity Huffman

    Love Letter To Desperate Housewives: Part 2

    Alright we have some ridiculous number of shooting days left and that number is 4 (we may have wrapped by the time this goes live)!!! I could even give you a rough approximation of how many hours we have left to film. But one of the reasons...

  • Kelli Nelson

    5 Surprising Things I Said This Week

    As moms, we find ourselves saying things we never thought we’d say. Sometimes it’s the stuff that makes us realize we’ve become our own mothers, and sometimes it’s just weird and inexplicable. Following are five of those surprising ...

  • Suprisingly Guiltless

    Delicious Summer Tomato Recipes

    Hello fellow tomato lovers. This is the time of year that I start prowling for tomatoes at the farmers markets around LA. Right now, especially, the great heirloom varieties are available. I like to fill my basket with so many different...Read More
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  • Lauren Parker-Gill

    Angry Birds Cupcakes

    My middle son’s 10th birthday was earlier this month and I wanted to do something special for him – after all, entering the double digits is a big deal. His favorite game right now is Angry Birds, with the yellow one being his f...

  • Mary Burt-Godwin

    Vanellope Von Schweetz Costume Tutorial – The Hair

    Making my own DIY Vanellope Von Schweetz costume was not an easy undertaking, at least not for me, the least crafty mom on the block. Halfway through, I felt WAY in over my head and wanted to chuck the wig stand right through the window as ...