Expressing Motherhood

Custom Jewelry For Everyday

I was fortunate enough to sample some of Julia Parker’s handmade jewelry for What The Flicka review. Not only are my pieces unique, Julia is charming and Southern, though she resides in California. READ MORE

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  • Reframing Beauty

    What does the word beauty mean to you? If you were asked, “What is beauty?” what would your answer be? Would you give an example of a beautiful woman, or would you delve into it a bit more, presenting what you really felt beauty was?...

  • From Green Beer to Green Cupcakes: My, How St Patrick’s Day Has Changed

    St Patrick’s Day is near. And my how it has changed since I have had kids. All those St Patrick’s Day traditions you knew and loved as a pre-kid adult? Changed. Gone. Poof. Just like that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. How is th...

  • Alternative Eating

    Your Guide To A Vegetarian-Friendly Thanksgiving

    Although I am no longer a vegan, I certainly remember how it felt to participate in meat-centered holiday meals with friends and family when I didn’t eat meat.  When the standard image of Thanksgiving food is a turkey, planning a vegetarian Thanksgiving...Read More
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  • Am I A King, Mommy?

    Although I am only working part-time, my plate seems to be running over! My mother is staying in a convalescent center while recuperating from a broken femur, my son is still adjusting to the new school year, and I am learning the “ins an...

  • Baby’s Best Friend

    Dogs and babies go together like… well, you can decide for yourself....

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    Which Type of Silver Fox Is Right For You?

    This post is brought to you by And So It Goes, starring Diane Keaton and Michael Douglas. Now available on Digital HD and on DVD and Blu-Ray. Michael Douglas may play a less-than-agreeable character in his newest film And So It...Read More
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    Sinfully Good
    Helene Cohen Bludman

    The Only Roll You’ll Need At Thanksgiving Dinner

    Some kids dream of being a doctor, an airline pilot, a teacher.

    Me? I wanted to be a farmer. READ MORE

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  • Baby Rube Goldberg Machine

    Either this baby is a complete genius and has mastered the art of the Rube Goldberg machine, or he has a parent with way too much time on their hands....

  • The Lie Detective Strikes Again!

    If you missed the last “Lie Detective” video we featured for MommyTube, it’s basically where Jimmy Kimmel puts kids in the hot seat and questions them about life stuff. Important things—like boyfriends, nose-picking, etc...

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    Things That Would Be Weird If Anybody Other Than Your Mom Said Them

    Though, that’s not to say that they’re not still a little weird when your mom says them. But that’s okay! She’s just looking out for you. And without her, who would we go to for advice or take on a spontaneous trip to “the Barnes and Nobles” with us? That’s right. Nobody.  Thanks, mom.


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    QUIZ: Which Wine Should You Drink Tonight?

    If instead of drinking ALL the wine, you feel like pacing yourself… this quiz will help you determine which wine you should drink tonight. You’re very welcome!...Read More
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  • DIY 4th of July Scavenger Hunt BINGO

    If you’re having a family get-together for the Fourth of July or just want a way to get the kids together and out having fun, we have the perfect activity for you! The Game Gal has put together a patriotic scavenger hunt BINGO game fo...

  • The “Lady” Scout Martini

    In case you haven’t noticed, Flicka Friends, we are smack dab in the middle of Girl Scout cookie season. It has been all over my news feed on Facebook, I’m getting phone calls from local Girl Scouts, they’re ringing my doo...