What If Parents Followed Through On All Those False Threats They Use To Motivate Their Kids?

I’m queen of empty threats with my kids. “Eat your dinner or I’ll never feed you again.” “Get ready or I’ll leave you here by yourself.” “Stop or we’ll leave the store.” Experts say empty threats aren’t good for your child…blah, blah, blah. I have three kids. I’ve pretty much stopped listening to what the experts say. I’m pretty sure most of them do not have children of their own. However, I will let you in on a little secret: empty threats work IF you make good on them every once in a while. READ MORE

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    This Kid Just Got His First… Um, What Did He Say?

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    Other Than THAT, I Had A Really Nice Time

    Tomorrow, someone will ask me about the recent trip I took to visit my sister and her six-month-old twin boys in Houston, and I will say, “Oh my god, what a nightmare,” and I will proceed to explain in excruciating and somewhat exaggerated detail how I was forced to check my carry-on bag on the first leg of the flight, thus losing critical access to a sweater and a pair of old sneakers, (albeit briefly) and how the airline then lost my luggage (also briefly) upon arrival. I’ll lament how I was without my toiletry bag for most of the evening and compelled to use my sister’s face wash, which upon inspection, contained ingredients that may or may not have had the potential to irritate my skin. READ MORE

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    Aging In The Fast Lane

    I was born pretty. (At least by my grandfather’s standards). He told me so, every time I saw him, and I believed him. My mother and father were beautiful. A beautiful couple. They bred well. My sister is a knock-out....Read More
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    Who The Flicka?: Alisha Wilson

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