This Jingle Bells Parody Is Everything You Need To Get You Through The Holidays

Ah, the holidays. The most stressful, er, I mean JOYOUS, time of year! I don’t know about you, but my life is nuts. READ MORE

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    Dear Santa

    When people ask me what I’m getting The Beast for Christmas, I tell them the truth. I’m probably just going to give him a new paper bag from Tim Horton’s. What? It’s his favourite toy next to the paper towel...Read More
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    The Holidays Before Kids VS The Holidays After Kids

    If there’s one indisputable fact about motherhood, it’s that kids change everything. The holidays are no exception. When you have kids, you can practically hear the pitter-patter of reindeer feet on your roof. Santa is alive, well and magical. There...Read More
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    WTF 810 x 450

    These Bags Sure Are Good!

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    My house is a mess; laundry is piled up, no one knows where the iron is, and dinner is never ready by five p.m., if we even have dinner....

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    Felicity Huffman's What The Flicka
    Carrie Wible

    ‘Twas The Carnage After Christmas

    ’twas Christmas Day night,

    And my humble abode,

    Looked like a toy store had almost explode (ed).

    The day started off, all shiny and new,

    With kisses, and hugs, between all the Whos. READ MORE

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    Seven Ways Christmas has Changed

    I’m not sure about everyone else, but I believed in Santa for much longer than what is probably reasonable. This is really thanks to my father. He’d get out his ladder every Christmas Eve and – Colorado winters be damned...Read More
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