Angela Keck

7 Things I Am Way Too Old For

When I was a kid, maybe a teenager, I remember hearing my mother say she was too old for a certain type of clothing. If my memory serves correctly it was a sleeveless top I suggested that she wear in the heat of the summer and she said she was too old for sleeveless tops. I remember thinking, in my infinite wisdom of youth, complete lack of understanding, that if I was hot I was damn well going to wear a sleeveless top so I could cool off and not sweat myself to death! READ MORE

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Ashlen "the Kidspert" Sheaffer

Halloween Decorating With Kids

Decorating the house can be challenging with kids. You must find decorations that aren’t breakable, that can be squashed, stepped on, even chewed on, and still cute and festive. Yes, I promise this is one task that can be completed and for very little money. Here are a few things to keep in mind when choosing decorations to put out each season or holiday: READ MORE

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The Checkout Line Makes People Ask Dumb Adoption Questions

Remember when your teacher told you, “The only dumb question is one you don’t ask.” That is not always true. This is a true story about dumb questions....Read More
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  • All I Wanted Was A Pedicure

    Damn, my toenails are looking kind of funky. I need to go to the nail salon. I’ll definitely go this weekend. Okay, I’ll go no later than next Wednesday. Well crap, I just can’t seem to take my lazy ass to the nail salon. But I will g...

  • Little Girl Is Disappointed To Discover She Can’t Eat Food From A Magazine

    We’ve all experienced the same disappointment before....

  • Youngsters
    Lisa Witherspoon

    10 Parenting Skills I Would Like To Learn

    We are constantly learning, aren’t we? At least, we should be. We may not have some enormous revelation each and every day, but we pick up little tidbits all the time through television, social media, and the people we encounter. It’s what we are all sending our kids back to school right now or setting up shop to home school – we want them to learn. READ MORE

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  • Let It Go: Mom Style

    Like everyone else on the planet, I love “Let It Go.” And Idina Menzel. So I had to do my own mommmy-fied version. And TADA! Here it is! I hope you’ll laugh and enjoy as I screech my way through the song in my yoga pants...

  • Terrible Teens
    Shimi Kang

    How To Stop Your Kids From Catching Bieber Fever

    Belieb it or not, Justin’s behavior can be a big influence on your kids.

    I’d be lying if I said a big part of me wasn’t happy that my daughter has shown no signs of “Bieber fever”. Yet, she’s only four years old, so she does have a chance of catching the disease that research suggests is more infectious than the measles.

    I’m not kidding, researchers at the University of Ottawa, used mathematical models to conclude that Biebermania behaves like a real disease — one that is capable of turning into an “apocalyptic infection.” The symptoms include high-octane screaming, hysterics, and mimicking the star’s poor life decisions (like his haircut). READ MORE

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  • Eat Your Heart Out, Mary Poppins

    Before children, I always dreamed that I would be the type of mother who would puree my own organic baby food, speak French and Spanish to each child, ban television from our home and spend every free hour doing educational projects or arts...

  • Recipe: Cake of the Irish

    I first met Maggie back in 1988 when I was hired as a Resident Advisor at The Ohio State University. Maggie was the Hall Director, my boss and the zoo master for a staff of misfits that really blended into a high functioning team. While Mag...

  • Mommytube

    Potty-Mouthed Princesses Drop F-Bombs for Feminism

    This video is pretty f*cking great. READ MORE

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