Bryanne E. Salazar

Dealing With Deployment: Dos and Don’ts

When I last wrote to you about my husband’s deployment, I was a sad sack of something.

There was a lot of crying and a disproportionate amount of eating ice cream (scratch that, it was Häagen Dazs Gelato, specifically their sea salt caramel gelato, which, in my book, is the frozen dairy nectar or the gods).

Now a month has passed and my outlook is a bit different, although I would be lying to you if I said I wasn’t still sad at times, or that I kicked my therapeutic gelato habit (I haven’t). READ MORE

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    This Baby’s First Crawl Shows The Importance Of A Supportive BFF

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    Suprisingly Guiltless

    Roasted Brown Sugared Carrots

    Thanksgiving is right around the corner so I thought I’d share some of my favorite holiday recipes over the next couple weeks to help prepare you for the big feast. Thanksgiving should not be stressful, so I ‘ve created side...Read More
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    Amanda Mushro

    Shower, Interrupted

    Sometimes I’m shocked and, to be honest, a bit fascinated by the amount of dirt and grime I’m willing to leave on my body and hair and still go out in public.

    Now, I haven’t always had such poor hygiene. At one time I too enjoyed daily showers. In fact, I can actually pinpoint the exact moment the upkeep of my personal appearance took a severe nosedive.

    Let me see….Oh yes, when I had children. READ MORE

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    Shimi Kang

    Want Successful Kids? Teach Them Gratitude

    What are you grateful for today? This is the question I try to ask my three children before I tuck them into bed at night.

    When I was younger, my mother established the same bedtime routine. Some nights I was more grateful than others, but the question always challenged me to think deeply about the positive aspects of my life. As the youngest of five children in a “non-privileged” immigrant family, everything I owned was a hand-me-down, so I learned to be grateful for non-material other things: READ MORE

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    The Stages Of Eating Ice Cream As Told By Babies

    We may be past the days of eating ice cream (sigh… we miss you, summer!) but at least we can live vicariously through these babies who are adorably experiencing every stage of ice cream consumption. READ MORE

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    Being empty-nesters, there’s often a lot of free time on the weekends. Sometimes my husband and I get a little lazy about doing anything that involves more than walking the dog, reading the paper or changing the channel, but every so ofte...

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    My brother is adopted. My nephew is adopted. Three of my cousins are adopted. It was a normal part of “how you got kids” when I was growing up. I got married at the tender age of 42 and the fertility ship had sailed. When the question o...