November 22, 1963

Like most American schoolchildren on November 22, 1963, I was sitting at a desk when the news reached us. It was after lunch, and, if I were to guess, my second-grade class was doing phonics exercises when our principal, Sister...Read More
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  • Mommytube: "I Don’t Like You Mommy"

    This is an oldie, but goodie. Watch as this lil’ guy tells his mom that he doesn’t like her after not being given a cookie. How can you even be mad with a pout like that?...

  • Dear Children On A Saturday Morning

    Dear Children on a Saturday Morning, I love you. I do truly love you with all of my heart. Just not at 6 a.m. on a Saturday morning. I love my sleep then....

  • Who The Flicka?

    Who The Flicka?: Rachael Koenig

    Who The Flicka? is an ongoing series where we spotlight our amazing contributors and make them answer our questions....Read More
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    Postpartum Depression: What Do You Mean, Every Mother Doesn’t Have Maniacal Thoughts?

    Women talk about the joys of becoming a new mother. The moment you hold your child for the first time. The tears, the joy, the overwhelming amount of love that oozes from every pore of your body, every part of...Read More
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  • Recipe: Shrimp Rice Paper Rolls

    It may be spring, but we’re all about fresh summer rolls. Forget the deep frying and opt for these refreshingly delicious, healthy and impressive Shrimp Rice Paper Rolls....

  • It’s So Scary… But So Cool!

    Didn’t know it was possible to be simultaneously terrified and awed by something, but this kid sure nailed it! ...

  • Mommytube

    This Little Boy Might Just Be Frozen’s Biggest Fan. Ever.

    This ridiculously adorable little kid is completely unable to contain himself once Elsa starts belting out her signature solo. He gets so into it, we hardly can’t handle the cute. READ MORE

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  • TV Mom Tuesday: Vivian, The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air

    Vivian from The Fresh Prince of Bel Air is one tough cookie. In today’s MommyTube clip she channels her inner-mom and makes Debo take several seats! And that’s why we love her....

  • Even Though You Know It’s Coming, It’s A Little Hard To Watch

    ALL parents know this moment. The one where you warn your kids over and over again but somehow they never listen and manage to do exactly what it was you were warning them about....

  • Lessons

    Lessons I Learned In My Dad’s Taxi Cab

    If one believes in cultural stereotypes, my birth should have been a day of mourning. I was the fourth girl born to traditional Indian parents. And because I was an overachieving student who started medical school at the age of...Read More
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  • TV Mom Tuesday: Rochelle Gets Crazy

    Today’s TV Mom Tuesday clip features Rochelle, loving mother from Everybody Hates Chris. She shows us a perfect example of what happens when a husband tells his wife that doing housework isn’t that hard—as you may have guessed...

  • What’s Your New Year’s Resolution? Part II

    Happy New Year’s from What The Flicka? Are you making a New Year’s resolution? Here are some thoughts from our contributors!...

  • Youngsters
    Laura Diamond

    How A Book Can Help Teach Kids To Talk About Their Feelings

    My friend told me that in her daughter’s Social Studies class, the teacher has allowed the 15 year olds to choose their own discussion topic for the past few weeks. Without fail, they have chosen to talk about the Islamic State, and also without fail, each week a few of her classmates are in tears. READ MORE

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  • Nature. Beauty. Gratitude.

    My friend, Ellen Etten sent me this video and I want to pass on the peace and joy it brought me. I read somewhere that gratitude is like miracle-grow for happiness. So in the words of David Steindl-Rast,...

  • Sparkling Cider Pound Cake

    I love sparkling cider so when I came across this recipe, I couldn’t wait to try it. When I was younger and came home after school to see my grandmother, she would always have a slice of pound cake waiting for me. Making this recipe b...