Felicity Huffman's What The Flicka - Pinkalicious Costume

The Case for a Preemptive Pinkalicious Costume

Smalls wanted to be Pinkalicious for Halloween. You know, the protagonist from the book where the kid eats too many cupcakes, turns pink and the only way to remedy the problem is to eat green foods? I was really hoping she’d choose...Read More
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The Peanut Challenge

“His face is really swollen. How long has it been like this?”, a concerned nurse said to me in the emergency room as she looked at my 13 month old baby boy....Read More
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  • Toddler Harlem Shake

    The Harlem Shake is the latest craze sweeping the Internet. So of course, the kids had to get into the act....

  • WTF? – Sex And Parenting

    This week, Felicity Huffman asks about sex and parenting—how do you find time to have sex when you’re so busy being a parent?! And do you find it especially challenging when your kids are babies?...

  • Photos
    Christina Antus

    15 Things Parents Do That Would Be Weird If They Didn’t Have Kids

    Being a parent brings doing ridiculous things to a whole new level. Not because when you have kids these things are no longer ridiculous, it just means that it’s okay to do them now. You know, because you have kids. READ MORE

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  • 5 Easy Steps To Making Homemade Baby Food

    We all hear about those super moms who make their own baby food from scratch. We all wonder where they get the time and energy, as if babies did not demand enough already. I used to wonder about that. I heard stories about so-and-so making ...

  • Our New Mom Anthem: “I’m Not Fancy”

    It’s like it was written just for us....

  • Lessons
    Kristen Daukas

    What Is A Mom For Sale Worth?

    For Sale: 1968 slightly worn out yet still in good condition Mom.

    Filter doesn’t always work, exhaust blows smoke (but only when needed), sometimes needs time to warm up to run effectively, edges are a little rough, horn is loud and can sound unexpectedly, but the radio is perfectly pitched. Windows are stuck halfway down, headlights are out of focus, couple of dings in the rear but other than that, no major blemishes. For more information or to inquire as to price, please click the “contact” button. Serious offers only. READ MORE

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  • Warm Vanilla and Chocolate Salt Scrub & ‘Sugar Mama’ Lip Exfoliator

    I really love sugar scrubs but I recently tried a salt body scrub and loved it. You probably have the ingredients in your pantry right now so give it a try! I also made a lip exfoliator with honey and granulated sugar. If you’re vegan...

  • RECIPES: Pepper-Melon Honey Cocktail

    An intoxicating blend of sweet and spicy, the Pepper-Melon honey cocktail is a perfect kick to start your summer!...

  • Youngsters
    Lisa Witherspoon

    15 Great Alternatives to Halloween Candy

    The leaves are changing, the temperatures are dropping, and we have flipped our calendars to October. That means that Halloween is right around the corner! I have never been big fan of Halloween, but, as a parent, it is hard to escape.

    I certainly want my kids to have fun trick or treating, but I have three and the last thing we need is three giant pumpkins full of candy, sugar, and future trips to the dentist! In my search for alternatives to all the candy, I have found lists and lists of other things to give trick or treaters, but some of the things included are most definitely NOT o.k. with parents. READ MORE

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  • It’s So Scary… But So Cool!

    Didn’t know it was possible to be simultaneously terrified and awed by something, but this kid sure nailed it! ...

  • And You Think I’m The Funny One

    Who’s funnier? Can you decide?...

  • Infant/Toddlers

    What I Wish I Had Known When I First Had Kids

    After about a month of sleep deprivation, the question on every new parent’s mind is, “When will my child sleep through the night?!” Then they yawn and doze off while pouring yet another cup of coffee. READ MORE

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  • Q&A with Kate Walsh

    Private Practice star Kate Walsh had a brilliant idea for a new fragrance and so started her own company. Following Boyfriend's success, she recently launched her second fragrance, called Billionaire Boyfriend and took some time to give Wha...

  • An Open Letter To My Boobs

    Dear Boobs, I just wanted to write and say thank you … and sorry. I’m sorry for all you’ve been through over the past five years what with all the pregnancies and nursing for months on end. I’m sorry you’ve been forced to bounce a...