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Friday 5

Where did the time go? Seems like I wrote about welcoming summer just yesterday, but here we are. It’s back-to-school time again.

Getting ready for the new school year has always been a big event in my home. Here are five items I’d like to share with you straight from my family’s get-ready bucket list:

1.  Make playdates. Familiar faces are reassuring, so having spent Read More


WTF? Technology And Your Kids

For this week’s “WTF?” video question, Felicity Huffman brings up the topic of kids and technology. It seems like every day there’s a new smartphone, app or social network being developed, and this is still fairly new turf for parents. The more accessible technology becomes for kids, the greater the need is to figure out boundaries for this technology. Read More

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TV Mom Tips

TV Mom Tuesday: Don’t Call Mom A B*tch

Hell hath no fury like a mom who’s been crossed by a daughter-in-law! Marie from Everybody Loves Raymond is our pick for this week’s TV Mom Tuesday because of the epic way she handles herself in this clip. Walking in just as Robert is getting dumped, she switches into full-on mama bear attack mode. Then, things get really ugly after she’s called the b-word! But in the end, it’s nothing a little homemade cake can’t solve, right? Check out Marie’s reaction—would you have done the same thing? Read More

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WTF? Boxers Or Briefs Responses

Did you catch the second video in our “WTF?” YouTube series? This week, Felicity Huffman asked the eternal question: boxers or briefs? There were lots of great answers, and we’ve picked some of our favorites to share with you. Make sure to check out What The Flicka contributor Erin K. Moffat‘s video response above too! (It’s a good one) Read More

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