Puppy Kisses

Ahh, one of our favorite combos – babies and puppies! We’re a little grossed out by the tongue action going on here, but we’ll let it slide because it’s so cute! READ MORE

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6 Minute Ab Workout

6 minutes may sound like nothing, but you’ll really be feeling the burn after this workout! READ MORE

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  • Half the Sky – Women Still Aren’t Equal

    A male friend recently told me I sound like I hate men. As the wife of a Marine and mother to two teenage sons, I am far from a man-hater. When I pressed this friend for details, he said, “You always post things on Facebook about female e...

  • Surviving the Holidays with Your In-Laws

    When I was first married I was painfully naïve about how my relationship with my in-laws would be over the years. I thought that getting married would mean I had an additional family! I would have two mothers, and two fathers. I would have...

  • Mommytube

    Thank You Mom – Mother’s Day Tribute

    We’re only tearing up a little bit at this video, we swear. Does this make you want to hug your mom or WHAT? READ MORE

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    You're Gonna Love This
    Amanda Mushro

    What Should I Get My Wife For Mother’s Day?

    In preparation for Mother’s Day, I envision my husband lost in a sea of sappy, pink and white lace cards at Hallmark. He has to throw a few elbows in the direction of every other guy at the local florist for the last presentable bouquet or it’s carnations for his lovely wife. And he is wrangling the kids in the kitchen at an ungodly hour while they make me something that is supposed to be breakfast in bed. READ MORE

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  • The Mom Song

    A somewhat-oldie but still goodie, The Mom Song gives a beat to the million things moms say over the day....

  • Get To Know Your Boobs

    Knowing your boobs could save your life....

  • Beauty
    Felicity Huffman's What The Flicka - Spa Treatments For Harried Moms
    Lois Alter Mark

    5 Pampering Spa Treatments For Harried Moms

    After being mauled by little fingers all day, sometimes you just need to be rubbed the right way. You know how your husband sweetly offers to give you a massage, slides his hands across your back for a few minutes and falls asleep?

    That’s the wrong way. READ MORE

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  • 9 Hilarious Children’s Books You’ll Never See Published

    Anyone who has ever read children’s books knows the premise of each story isn’t necessarily realistic.  A guy named Jack who finds some magic beans that grow into a stalk that goes high, high into the sky? Really? I have a feeling ...

  • You Got Stuck in What?

    This video is a great reminder that you should always be filming your children, just in case. ...

  • UncategorizedYou're Gonna Love This
    Felicity Huffman's What The Flicka - Mother's Day Gift Guide
    Tenth + Fourth

    Mother’s Day Gift Guide

    Mother’s Day is this weekend! So rather than succumbing to cliches, like buying your mom flowers or massage coupons (borrrring), we’ve got a few gifts that are sure to make you the favorite child in the family.


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  • Mommie Block

    A few months back Lindsay Kavet from Expressing Motherhood (I have performed in her show several times) asked me if I would write something about the writing groups I run in Los Angeles called Mommie Brain. “Of course!” I may have squea...

  • And Baby Makes Four…

    November is Prematurity Awareness Month and Nov. 17th is World Prematurity Day where The March of Dimes joins with other parent groups and organizations around the world to raise awareness about premature birth and how it can be prevented. ...