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What did he say?

This little guy accidentally hit his baby brother in the mouth with his head, causing a bit of blood. But don’t worry folks, the baby’s fine—it’s the big bro who’s actually a bit distressed about the whole situation! Here he is trying to explain to his dad what happened. The way he says “blood,” and the facial expressions just make this video pretty priceless! Read More

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A bright light in the world and my dear friend, Suzanne Krull, died recently. As I write that sentence I can’t believe it’s true. She had to undergo emergency heart surgery and she didn’t make it through the operation. She leaves behind her husband (with whom she had an electrifying love affair) and their fantastic five-year-old daughter.

She was an actor, writer, teacher and comic. But she can’t be defined by what she did, but by who she was. Suzanne was Read More

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