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Hump Day Cocktails

I know school has already started in many areas; in fact, my own kids are going back on Monday. I suppose I should technically post some apple-y cocktail to coincide with it, but I am holding onto these final weeks of summer with a white-knuckle death grip. I love the fall, but I love the easy breezy summer days much more and am not ready to go back to their rigid schedules, just yet. So this cocktail is my way of plugging my ears and pretending it is not happening: LA LA LA LA LA!!! Read More


Thanks to everyone who shared their input on last week’s “WTF?” video: Bedtime Stalling! There was a really great discussion going, and it was clear that bedtime stalling is something that a lot of parents deal with. Here are some of our favorite comments from viewers—let’s keep the conversation going and continue to share helpful tips for one another! Read More


So, Mary Poppins has this thing with a spoonful of sugar, right? 

But has Mary Poppins ever had to wait 40 minutes with three children at CVS on a Friday night for a prescription? This would be a medicine the pediatrician told you that your child would not get better without, and that it would “not taste pleasant”….that you’d “certainly want to mix it with something” to make it go down a little easier.

Right. Read More


Back to school used to be words I loved to hear. Now that my oldest two are off to eighth grade, my middle two are (gasp) fourth graders and my baby is already a first grader, I am Read More