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Elle Davis

Citrus Infused Vinegar

When we lived in California, we were able to have someone come clean our house every few weeks. After moving to Maine, we decided to just do it ourselves. But I’ll be honest—we may just have to get someone to come in once a month. Between the hurricane hummingbird and my husband, it’s hard to keep up. The upside of moving to Maine… we could afford a bigger house. The downside…I have a bigger house to clean. Haha! Read More

Dani Walker

When A Woman Walks Into Home Depot

A few months back our weed whacker died. I was sad. Having a lawn in South Florida means you need to have a fully functioning weed whacker at all times. Being completely lazy and not buying a new one over these past few months has turned me into an on edge, panicky woman who cares way too much about how her neighbors feel about her un-weed whacked lawn. Read More