6 Ways Babies Are Just Like Politicians

Is your baby bound for politics? This video may clear things up a little and let you know if your kid is on their way to being a politician. READ MORE

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    It’s not just any cold, it’s a man cold. Much more severe than a regular old cold us women get. This hilarious comedy sketch finally reveals the truth about this widespread epidemic. Poor little bunny....

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    Mom Punishes Her Kid For Not Riding The Bus By Embarrassing The Heck Out Of Him

    Well, she’s certainly creative! READ MORE

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  • Acting Disruptive with Felicity Huffman

    “…We took down the wife, now I think we need to take down the mother.” – Felicity Huffman Recently our very own, Felicity Huffman, spent the day with Max Lugavere – the host, co-creator, and producer of Tribeca...

  • Who The Flicka?

    Who The Flicka?: AK Turner

    Who The Flicka? is an ongoing series where we spotlight our amazing contributors and make them answer our questions....Read More
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  • Yes, My Kid Is Tiny. STFU!

    If one more person tells me what to feed my kid I’m going to lose it....

  • Love Letter To Desperate Housewives: Part 2

    Alright we have some ridiculous number of shooting days left and that number is 4 (we may have wrapped by the time this goes live)!!! I could even give you a rough approximation of how many hours we have left to film. But one of the reasons...

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    The Best Thing I Never Wanted To Do

    How many of us can say that we have done something we didn’t want to do?

    Everyone? I think yes.

    Most people would say something like, ‘I painted that damn room because I couldn’t wait any longer’, or ‘ I had to adopt that dog because he had no where to go’. Maybe even, ‘Here I go again. On another six hour flight to clean up a family mess’.

    But have you ever known of anyone that would say, ‘I didn’t know if I wanted children’?

    Well, now you do. READ MORE

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    My brother is adopted. My nephew is adopted. Three of my cousins are adopted. It was a normal part of “how you got kids” when I was growing up. I got married at the tender age of 42 and the fertility ship had sailed. When the question o...