Oh Sh*t!

My favorite word is f*ck. It can be used in many different situations and it’s so expressive. Since I had my daughter 3 years ago I have tried my best to watch what I say as far as cursing. Sometimes I do okay, other times not so much. I find that stepping on a Lego will make you spew forth every imaginable curse word you can think of…

A few days ago I said “oh, crap!” in front of my daughter when my husband was around. When she repeated it, he gave me a sarcastic “thanks.” The way I see it, if we don’t react when our daughter repeats something like that, she won’t pick up on the fact that it might have shock value which would lead her to repeat it over and over again. Thankfully he wasn’t around earlier in the day when I was driving home after taking my daughter to lunch. A car cut in front of me on the freeway and then hit the brakes. I grumbled “Thanks a lot, motherf*cker.”

I have to be honest. I feel pretty unapologetic about cursing in front of my 3 year-old. I don’t do it that often and when I do, I think that her repeating something like “oh, shit!” isn’t the end of the world. Parents are only human and we do the best we can. But it doesn’t mean that some things people see as flaws or weaknesses are going to magically leave us once we have children.

Do you let curse words slip in front of your kids? How do you handle the situation if they repeat them?