My Online Dating Fantasy

What The Flicka presents: Summer Book Club. Join us each week as we read through the Fifth Avenue Trilogy from Harlequin!

Recently, I had the opportunity to read the second of the Fifth Avenue Trilogy, Scandalize Me, by USA TODAY BESTSELLING author Caitlin Crews. In the novel, a former football star and wealthy bad-boy socialite, Hunter Grant III, is pulled into a scandalous plot for revenge by the sexy, mysterious, and brutally cold Zoe Brook. The two characters couldn’t be more different, but that doesn’t stop them from igniting a deep, restless yearning inside one another. While their passion between the pages is fiery, I couldn’t help but wonder what an online dating exchange would be like between the two. Hard-headed Zoe is all business, with only a twinge of calculated pleasure, while lusty Hunter is preoccupied with seizing what he wants, when he wants it.

If Zoe met Hunter online, rather than a strip club, here’s how I imagined their first conversation might go. PS – if you want to read an intensely sensual romance scene (or two), you’ll have to pick up a copy of this novel, ASAP. Don’t blame me if you’re breathing heavy afterwards.

Hunter_Dating_Profile (1)

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