My Favorites Websites: Exploration and Homebody

This week for cool websites, I wanted to explore the world and be a homebody at the same time, which is actually possible with the internet.


Felicity Huffman's What the Flicka? -stumpleupon
I have liked this site for quite a while and now WTF is on too! It is designed to help you discover new and exciting sites, videos and photos from all across the web. This is how stumbling works; (I tried to explain all this in my own words but my sister said it was an indecipherable mess, so I am just cutting and pasting what they say on the website).

#1. Tell Us Your Interests …like Art, Travel or Science, and we’ll show you related sites, videos and photos.
#2. Stumble! Every time you click the Stumble button we will surprise you with new and interesting stuff.
#3. Rate the Stuff We Show You…so we get better at recommending what you will enjoy.

I tend to get happily lost in “stumbling” from one thing to another. Going from one food click to the next I just discovered “Slutty Brownies” and now I am obsessed with them. Happy Stumbling!



Felicity Huffman's What the Flicka? remodelista

I am not good at decorating. Wait, let me be more specific, I know what I like, but I have no idea how to make that happen. I have made so many mistakes, which were so expensive, that now if I see something I think might look nice in my house, I am immediately paranoid that my choice is doomed to failure! So when I found it was a relief. They are a group of “friends” who “page through stacks of design magazines every month” so I don’t have to. You can go on and create your own design file by browsing through back issues of the remodelista’s greatest hits. I also love that they are not design snobs; they recommend the less expensive right along with the high ticket items.

What are some of your favorite sites for exploring and staying at home?