My Favorite Websites: Food!

Ahhh making dinner! It usually occurs to me at about 3 pm “oh yeah, I have to make dinner tonight!” And then I panic and hope my family is not too tired of chicken…or soup…or chicken soup. If I am really on top of my game I think about it the day before. But whenever that happens I need all the help I can get in terms of ideas and organizing. Here are a couple of websites that have given me a leg up this summer and into the school year.
Felicity Huffman: What the Flicka?: Website Recommendation: Foodily
This is one of the largest recipe networks out there. It brings you a continuous feed of recipes from all over the web. Then you can share it to your Facebook page and stay connected to your whole community of food lovers or desperate moms wondering what to cook for dinner. You can also import your pinterest recipes so you can keep all your recipes together. One of my favorite cookbook authors, Laurie David, is one of the many experts you can follow, or you can just surf the site.

Plus, I have a daughter who is gluten intolerant and the home page of lets you enter whatever you want to cook and then provides a blank space to type in what you DON’T want in the recipe i.e. nuts, gluten, dairy, or whatever.
Felicity Huffman: What the Flick?: Website Recommendation: Paprikaapp
This is the perfect complement to

When I go into a supermarket, I kind of go brain dead. Usually I have left my grocery list in the car, or it has fallen out of my pocket, or I haven’t written down the four things I need to get (because who can’t remember four things?…me). So, I finally got the Paprika app and I love it. It’s a recipe manager for iphone, ipad and mac. Here is how it works: find a recipe from anywhere online, click on paprika from the top task bar and it automatically adds the recipe to your paprika account. When you open paprika, the “shopping cart,” at the top pertains to your recently chosen recipe; the one at the side is all the groceries you need from other recipes. It lists every ingredient you need, but you can uncheck anything you already have. It will then will say “recipe added to grocery list.” It can sync to your phone for easy checking at the store. IT EVEN TELLS YOU WHAT AISLE TO FIND THE GROCERIES IN!

Have a great app or website for recipes? Share it with us!