Most Americans Think Mothers Shouldn’t Work Full-Time

Most Americans are apparently a little too judgy for their own good…

Or are they?

According to recent research, a third of Americans and 22% of full-time working moms think that “the most ideal situation for young children is one in which their mother is not employed. Another 42 percent of all Americans think that a mom with a part-time job would be best for these children.” (via)

So, all in all, 75 percent of Americans feel that having a mother who does not work full-time would be best for her children when they’re young.

But, when asked about working fathers the same group of people responded quite differently. While 75% of respondents agreed that mothers should not work full time, 70% of those same respondents said fathers with young children should still work full-time.

While this sounds like a bit of an unfair double standard (admittedly we got a little heated after reading this far), the research shows a more in-depth look at where these feelings are coming from.

“It’s not the idea of working women but the actual experiences of having to juggle working and parenting that a lot of people do not always treasure.” (via)

Women have to work harder at balancing their work life and their home life, because for men it’s expected.

For more on the study, check out The Washington Post.