Let’s Get Real: Mom Confessions

Being a mom takes a lot of patience, and sometimes we do things that we aren’t proud of. 

In our defense, it’s impossible to keep it together 24/7! We aren’t robots, dammit – we’re just humans who happened to become responsible for other humans. Since we’re all about keeping it real here at WTF, we asked our Facebook friends what their darkest mom confession was. Here are the very relatable answers.

“I used to play hide and seek when they were little, but I didn’t ‘seek’ them..I hid in my bathroom eating chocolate or drinking wine…”

Sounds like the correct way to play hide and seek if you ask us.

“I let them set up a small camping tent in their playroom, then I played a continuous loop of thunderstorm sounds on the computer and told them they couldn’t come out until it was over, lol…that’s one of my especially proud moments.”

Pure genius!

“I set up the TV and DVR on Sunday mornings so that all my five year old has to do is turn them both on and I can stay in bed. He will even go get his three year old brother out of his room when he wakes up. Next stop, pre-poured cereal!!”

What a little self-starter he is!

“I tell my toddler that things will ‘bite her’ if they are dirty and/or I don’t want her to touch them. (Bottom of the broom, trash, mommy’s wine, etc).”

We’re only looking out for germs, right?

“After an hour of trying to get my 2 year old to eat dinner tonight, I gave up and gave him his fruit snacks. Mommy Fail.”

Hey, you do what ya gotta do.

“I pretend I’m sleeping so my husband has to take care of kids that wake up in the middle of the night.”

Works every time.

“I’m pretty sure I have a favorite.”

We won’t tell anyone!

“Other moms compliment me on how I take my son to so many programs and always seem to be on the go. What looks like an overly ambitious toddler agenda is really just the only way I’ve found to keep depression from devouring me.”

This is so real and so relatable. As moms, we’re expected to be cheery and bubbly all the time and it’s simply not the case.

“Blogs, books, magazines, the almighty internet and other moms/women. I REALLY GIVE ZERO F*CKS. From the moment I got that positive on my predictor I literally stopped giving sh*t. I did it my way and still doing it my way. To all moms out there: You’re doing it right . Raise your wine glasses to us and giving zero f*cks!!”

We give zero f*cks too!

“My kids thought the ice cream truck was just a truck that drove around playing music for people to enjoy. They even called it the music truck. Since they didn’t know it sold anything, they never really looked at it and never noticed the pictures of ice cream cones. We got away with that until my oldest could read.”

What they don’t know won’t hurt them!

“My kids share a piggy bank and the rule of the house is, whenever they find money or change, they can put it in their piggy bank. I needed to do laundry and was out of quarters so I dug through their piggy bank and grabbed some – my daughter saw me so I told her I would replace it that Friday. She asked me for like 2 weeks about those dang quarters so I finally told her I put them back lol. I haven’t yet…..”

When the laundry needs to get done, IT NEEDS TO GET DONE.

“My 6 Yr old only bathes once a week.”

We are all that 6 year old.

“I’ve taken money out of my kids piggy bank to get a latte I’m sure by now I’ve paid them back several times!”

Maybe the most relatable of them all – hell hath no fury like a mother without her caffeine.


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