Mini Thanksgiving Feast For Kids

Well, technically it was a tea party/Thanksgiving feast/snack time rolled into one, but it definitely reminded me of a Charlie Brown Thanksgiving.

For the past week, I have had three little boys (Harrison and 2 daycare boys) begging me to make them a tea party. Today was the day I made their request come true.

I searched for plastic or paper tea cups for the kids to use, but never found exactly what I was looking for. So, I went with plastic cups from Dollar Tree.


I used a plaid flat sheet (according to the kids, it looked like a picnic blanket) and covered the train table.

Earlier in the morning I had the kids color placemats, so I laid those down under their plates to help keep the mess minimal since they were on carpet.

I found activity worksheets at Michael’s in the one shelf of fall activities….next to the aisles upon aisles of Christmas crafts.

The activity pages are too hard for the  younger kids, but Max (5 years old) has thoroughly enjoyed them.

I made hot chocolate in the Keurig (have I mentioned lately how in love with the Keurig I am???), popped popcorn, and made Thanksgiving cookies.

The kids LOVED this tea party/Thanksgiving feast/”coolest snack time ever!” We topped the party off by watching Charlie Brown Thanksgiving and talking about the first Thanksgiving, which lead to playing Indians. Yep, just another typical morning here at the Sheaffer’s!

This post was originally featured on Ashlen’s blog, Kidspert.