Mental Magician

Have you ever gotten excited for something – like really super excited only to be crushed when you share your exciting news with someone else? If so, I have one question for you… Do you believe in magic? The “hater” is being a mental magician.

I refer to depression as “the absence of hope”. It’s the absence of magic. I will admit that I walk down the path of hope quite frequently, but sometimes I find myself walking down the path to hopelessness. It’s like the road says “DANGER, HOPE IS LOST.”

There is only one option at that point: GET OFF THAT ROAD. There is always hope. Find the hope! Are you a mental magician of hope or a mental magician of destruction? I’m not talking about being an illusionist and creating a fake world. I’m saying that the mind is a powerful thing and you can be mentally positive or mentally negative (but saying mental magician is just way more fun). I guess that I’m a little bit of a delusionist! I believe in big dreams and I’m totally okay with that.

Some of the best, most cool things that I’ve done have happened when other people told me that I was taking a journey down the wrong street. No! I was living my magic! My hope! Sometimes, what’s right for you isn’t what’s right for someone else. Only you know how to use your magic! Isn’t that how magic works? Don’t let someone steal it!

There is magic everywhere. These are some things that excite me.

• Getting tickets from Santa to see Cathy Rigby in Peter Pan. Ultimate magic about magic. Do you believe in fairies?
• That feeling of being in New York City during Christmas time or walking down Broadway, when all of the lights make it seem like anything is possible.
• A super great hug!
• Watching someone else do something that affects you in an amazing way.
• Accomplishing something awesome!
• Getting a nice compliment and putting it in your pocket for a rainy day.
• That wow feeling that you feel when something great happens.
• Seeing an amazing movie that is super funny or emotionally moving.
• Attitude changing perspective.
• That peppermint spark kiss! (I’ve never had one but the commercial makes it seem magical) Hmm, I’m kind of hungry for a peppermint patty now.
• That song that inspires you that you are here for a reason.
• Standing outside and seeing the beauty of nature: A beautiful sky, a ray of sunlight, seeing something in the clouds, trees speaking in the breeze. Flowers blooming.
• When you actually see the shape of a snowflake that looks like one of those paper snowflakes you make at school.

Get out your pouch of fairy dust think lovely thoughts and fly! Click your ruby slippers together and follow the yellow brick road. Believe in the possiblities!

My magic is true friendship, love, dance, music, and laughter. I hope that you find your magic, and you believe in it and never let it go. Clap your hands if you believe!