Little Girls Don’t Wear Red: AKA Why I Hate Shopping

I hate shopping!

It is true. I am not your stereotypical female. I do not like shopping, and never really have.

There are a few exceptions though. I don’t mind grocery stores, garage sales, antique shops, and quirky, fun stores or even tourist trap shops. However, I am not one who can wander around for hours looking at every little thing. I am one who knows at a glance if I like anything. If I don’t, I move on.

Just because I’m not a fan of shopping, though, doesn’t mean I’m not good at it. I am quite good at finding decent deals and saving some money.  After all, years ago I was a department manager at a Macy’s.  I know what to look for now.

I did have hope that having a child would have me enjoy shopping more. What could be more fun than shopping for cute clothes for your adorable little one?  However, I still do not find shopping fun.  In fact, if anything, I find it MORE frustrating and aggravating than ever.  Quite frankly, I often finish shopping for my daughter pissed off.

Several months ago, I vented on the obsession of stores with selling pink and princess stuff for little girls. It is often difficult to escape this retail push to buy everything pink and purple for a baby girl (or even a toddler or a little girl).  Don’t get me wrong, I like pink and purple just fine. Ginny has quite a few things in these colors that I have picked up for her. However, I like the idea of having color variety in her wardrobe.  Ginny looks pretty fabulous in orange, yellow, and red as well as a few non-pink and pastel colors.

When I shop for clothes for Ginny, I look for a variety of colors and styles.  It is kind of amusing that if you buy something in red or blue or even brown, it will have pink or purple on it, somewhere (even though most reds don’t go well with pink or purple).  I can deal with that to a degree. However, I’ve recently hit a wall of frustration in trying to find socks and accessories in colors other than pastels, pinks, or purples. It infuriates me when all I want is a cute barrette or even a pair of cute socks in the color red, but they don’t sell that for girls.  They don’t sell those items in green, blue, orange, or even yellow most of the time.

I spent an afternoon looking for those items in those colors and found nothing on the girls’ clothing side of the aisles. All I could find were pastels and each had a hint of , you guessed it, pink. Grrr!! I eventually found some socks in those colors, but the socks were not cute. They were basic and solid, which is fine, and they were in the boys’ clothing section.  Not one hair accessory was available in those colors though. Not one.

Do store buyers really believe that girls don’t wear colors other than pinks, purples, and pastels?? Do they not realize that other colors exist for girls?  They must not, or they must believe they won’t sell enough. They have gotten so in the habit of only selling those colors they don’t realize the sales are good, not because of the colors, but because the choices are limited.

This post was originally featured on Denise’s blog, Jayhawk Mommy