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You're Gonna Love This

I was talking with two of my closest friends the other day and we were discussing pet peeves.  We hadn’t even begun the list when we got caught up in the conversation of linen closets.  It drives me insane to have sheets and towels messy in a linen closet.  They are clean, so fold them the same way every time so every item sits neatly on a shelf and look clean when they are put away. Why should clean linens not have the same rights as clean shirts or socks? You fold shirts the same way, you pair socks the same way, sheets and towels are no different.  Read More

You're Gonna Love This

A Spicy Giveaway … Just in Time For Valentine’s Day

I have come to the conclusion that a relationship is the most extreme roller coaster you or I will ever ride.

When dating, you entered each new relationship with a deep breath and a hope that this would be the one. You experienced the thrill and excitement of the honeymoon phase and the stomach churning feeling after your first fight. Some relationships had you holding on for dear life, while others allowed you to experience life in a carefree, hands in the air kind of way.

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You're Gonna Love This

Something Better Than A Resolution

Some New Year’s Eves come along and I make a resolution. Sometimes I follow through, and other times I forget what I resolved to do by February. It’s never been an important time of renewal for me. I find that September is that time for me; the new school year, Rosh Hashanah ( the Jewish new year) and Yom Kippur (the Jewish day of atonement) prompt me to look within and refocus my resolve to attain my goals or make changes in my life.  Actually, I try to do it on a regular basis.  Read More

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