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Felicity Huffman's What the Flicka? -Friday Etsy Find

Friday Etsy Find: Tutu

This week's Friday Etsy find is this custom-made kid's tutu. Why? Because princess never goes out of style. ...Read More
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    Motherhood Means Saying Goodbye To Traveling Light

    Not being able to leave the house empty handed is one of those less-pleasant realities of mother-hood. Granted, now that my children are both school aged — out of diapers and self ambulatory — we travel a bit lighter. Except for...

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    This “All About That Bass” Parody Will Make Every Mom Crack Up

    YouTube group Laughing Moms by Alisha Found Eden created a hilarious spoof of Meghan Trainor’s “All About That Bass.” As busy moms who just don’t have time to keep their house clean (because really, who does?) they came up with “...

  • Etsy Finds
    Felicity Huffman's What the Flicka? -Friday Etsy Find: Cloud Book Ends

    Friday Etsy Find: Cloud Book Ends

    After sifting through our favorite Etsy shops, we came across these cloud book ends, perfect for displaying your young reader's books with a little bit of whimsy....Read More
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    WTF? Your Teens And Sex Responses

    The first video in our new YouTube Q&A series, “WTF?” just went out, and we’ve already seen a lot of really great responses! In the video (see it here), Felicity Huffman asks how you handle talking to your teens about ...

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    Reflections on Yet Another Crappy Mother’s Day

    I’m convinced that Mother’s Day is a set up. It’s kind of like how Lucy scams Charlie Brown into going for one more punt with the football. Even though she’s pulled the ball away a thousand times before, she convinces him—no, he W...