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Favorite Things: MySkipper

I have a confession to make. I still have a “thing” for dolls. My family moved seven times in ten years, so dolls were the perfect toys to collect. They were lightweight, durable, and made every strange city feel like home. But since I’ve been collecting them for so long, it’s now rare for one to catch my eye.

When I stumbled upon Mariella Bowman’s MySkipper dolls, I found myself wanting ALL of them. I asked my husband to hide my wallet before Read More

Etsy Finds

Friday Etsy Find: Retro Magnets

Some things are difficult to say out loud. That’s where these sassy magnets from Etsy come in! Put a couple up on your fridge as a friendly reminder to your family that you are not to be messed with. The magnets are made from recycled tin can lids, and are apparently “unbreakable”, so feel free to throw them at your loved ones if a more direct message is needed.