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As the temperature drops up north, I’m desperate to find quality corduroy pants that are not “skinny” or “matchstick.” I know both these styles are considered both cute and fashionable when done in miniature, however, my two beautiful girls have inherited their mommy’s build, which does not include long, lean supermodel gams. My girls, like me, look best, and more importantly, feel comfortable wearing a looser, wide-legged pant. Read More

Etsy Finds
Stacie Burrows

Frida & Marilyn Jewelry

I’ve never been a fahionista. My sisters used to tease me saying that I dressed like a homeless man. In my defense, slouchy Gap clothes look great on models. But on me, let’s just say that if I was standing on a corner waiting to cross the street, I wouldn’t be surprised if someone threw some change at me.

But after Read More