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Mom, What’s For Dinner?

How often do your kids ask you what’s for dinner, and no matter what you answer, they respond with disappointment?  Mine do it all the time.  I can understand it; some nights you’re in the mood for one thing, and another thing is what you get.  But, what if your kids knew ahead of time what was for dinner each night of the week?  And, what if they even had a hand in planning the menu?  My bet is that the 5 o’clock whine would come to an end.  Well, I shouldn’t really bet, since I know the outcome – the whining stops and the dinner fights end.  Don’t forget about the added bonus:  You won’t have to figure out dinner each night at the last minute. Read More

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I love themed parties. As a girl, my parents threw an annual Hat Party, where, as you guessed, invitees were required to wear a hat to get into the event. Guests were creative, and I remember one year a friend of theirs came wearing nothing but a hat. There were prizes for the best cap in show, and the whole night seemed so lively and full of fun. Unlike a more traditional gathering, no one seemed to drift into a confined group or feel awkward around new people. Everyone had the shared experience of wearing a goofy hat, and that created an instant sense of community and participation.

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Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts under $100! – *CYBER WEEK DEALS*

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After Thanksgiving is when I get serious about holiday shopping… from the comfort of my very own couch! Snapfish has some fantastic solutions for us this year. They are affordable and adorable. I am making photo books, calendars and coffee mugs. What about Read More

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If you’ve been reading the blog for awhile, you know that I start to twitch and back away slowly at the sight of crafts. I can do some basic things like make a snail out of Play Doh (hey, that took me two hours to figure out), but beyond that, I’m craft-intolerant. So Pinterest to me is like a bad reminder of all the things I’m not smart enough to make. Read More