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Crystal Ponti

DIY: Easter Bunny Cart Centerpieces

With Easter right around the corner, I was inspired this weekend to make an Easter centerpiece.

Glancing through some of the pins on my Easter Ideas board on Pinterest, I decided to make a couple of Bunny Carts. Overall it took about four hours to put these together, including a couple of layers of paint on the baskets, wheels, axles and harnesses. I deviated from the original how-to by using fabric ribbon for the trim on the carts and harness straps, filling with shredded paper grass and topping with colorful Sweet Tart jelly beans.  Read More


Never say never ever ever ever.

Listen, if you’re crafty, I admire you. I do. And I kind of get it. You have a mission. You gather supplies. You sit down and do something with your hands for a while. It’s soothing, I’m sure. But if you’re not that girl, I think it’s 100% okay to have a little giggle when you see the elaborate, adorable, certainly expensive, and probably hugely messy DIY projects pop up in your Pinterest feed.  Read More


1. Talk a lot about spring cleaning at work. When people ask you what you’re doing over the weekend, instead of saying that you plan to order Dominos and watch 80′s movies on Netflix, say “Oh you, know, time for spring cleaning!!” This way, your co-workers will know that you’re not only a great employee, you’re great at being a woman because you also clean. Read More

Jennifer Sando

Updated Pillows in 31 Frustrating Steps

So, I have been staring at these grey pillows for 13 years.  They started out on Laith’s black leather couch in college and they made their way to our brown leather couches when we got married.  There is nothing wrong with them, I’m just sick of looking at them.   Read More


How many times have you walked through your child’s room to kiss him or her goodnight, only to have the moment ruined by the pain of a Barbie shoe or a Matchbox car impaling the arch of your naked foot?  And how many times do you tell your children to put all of their toys away, including the rock they found in the garden and the piece of yellow paper with which hey cannot part?  Well hold back your explicatives and hop around the room writhing in pain no more! Read More