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Elle Davis

Blueberry Pie Face Mask

My daughter loves blueberries so we always have plenty on hand. One night while I was up, I was craving pie and came up with this blueberry pie face mask. I was gobbling the blueberries as I made this and took a few bites of the face mask. Read More

Holly Fulger

Seriously…The Thigh Gap?

I was doing a workshop a few months ago for teen girls. As my partner, makeup artist Melissa McNamara, and I were talking to the girls, the topic of “thigh gaps” came up. The thigh gap is that space between the thighs and the “gap” is what’s desired. Apparently, the bigger the gap the better. The girls we spoke with (and they were all girls, ranging in ages from 12 to 14) shared with us that many of the girls at their school were obsessed with thigh gaps, risking proper health so they could be skinny enough for that perfect “gap.” Read More

Holly Fulger

Of Beauty And Barking

Beauty is my obsession. I became aware of beauty when I was around 12. I pored over fashion magazines and looked in the mirror to see if I was as beautiful as the models. Truthfully, I wasn’t. I was thin, had braces, and had terribly bad eyesight, which led to coke bottle glasses, framed by cat-like frames. But…I persevered. I wore a little bit of makeup. I tried to be as fashion forward as one could be in a suburb of Cleveland, Ohio in the seventies. One afternoon, while walking home from school, Read More


I feel like a rock star if I’m able to find time to get a shower every day—but that doesn’t always mean I have time to wash my hair. So for the past few years, I’ve been spending anywhere between 15-40 dollars on dry shampoo.

I’m very picky about strong scents so if I try out a new brand, it’s not guaranteed that I’ll like the smell.

So, there I am with an overpriced bottle of dry shampoo that I don’t like, but I have to use up.

Luckily, I’ve found a solution. Read More


Ooooh! Bubble bath! I haven’t taken a bath in ages but when I came across this simple recipe, I had to try it out. This bubble bath is moisturizing and smells delicious. My skin was so smooth and my husband went crazy over the smell. RAWR! This would be a really nice and easy DIY gift for a birthday or a housewarming party. I know that I could have used this when we recently moved…I would have enjoyed some silky smooth bubble bath and a nice, relaxing soak in the tub.

1 cup sweet almond oil or light olive oil
1/2 cup organic honey Read More


My family and I recently moved to Maine and I’ve been wanting to adopt a more earth-friendly lifestyle with our new start here. So, I’m starting this new segment here at What The Flicka called Green It Yourself: Elle’s Earth Friendly GIY Tips & Tricks. I’ll have natural tips and tricks that you can use for around the house, for the kids, natural skin care, home remedies, etc. This papaya face mask is the first installment—I hope you enjoy! Read More